Step One Hundred and Two

Unlearning is Hard to Do

Step 102. There Is Much I Must Unlearn.
Your life is full of your own necessities and ideas, full of your own requirements and ambitions, full of your own fears and full of your own complications. Thus, your vehicle for giving is burdened and cluttered, and your energy is largely misappropriated. That is why it is God’s first step to unburden you. Until this happens you will simply attempt to resolve your situation without knowing what to do, without understanding your predicament and without accepting the assistance that you will surely need in time. Therefore, accept your unlearning, for it will unburden you and give you reassurance that a greater life is possible and inevitable for you who have come here to give.

Upon the hour repeat this statement and consider it. View its reality in terms of your perception of the world. In your two longer practice periods, once again practice mental stillness in silence, where nothing is attempted and where nothing is avoided. You are only engaging your mind to be still so that it may learn to respond upon its own to that which calls to it. With each step you make in your unlearning, Knowledge will fill in that which had replaced it. This is instantaneous, for you are only moving yourself into a position to receive so that your giving may be generous, genuine and fulfilling to you.

Practice 102:
Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

Here you will find the entire book free for download

Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

March 27, 2013 Round One: I so wish to be unburdened and know what to do. I so wish to tap into the Spiritual Presence and flow with it, knowing that all the answers are there if only I have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the stillness of mind to recognize and receive the Truth as it is presented to me. I found this latest inspiration from Wisdom from The Greater Community Volume II Chapter 16 to be just what I needed to hear today and in resonance with this Step.
"Then you will realize that Knowledge is not only intuition or certain kinds of urges or feelings or sensations or insights or recollections or premonitions — it is a living Spiritual Presence within you, the Mind behind the mind, the Spirit within the mind, a Spirit that is not an individual, but a Spirit that is flowing through you as an individual, a Greater Power expressing itself. It is not yours to own and claim, it is not your private domain or private property, and it is not your little section of Heaven. Instead, it is a great and abiding Spiritual Presence that passes through you and abides with you. Recognizing its existence in your life and joining yourself with it is a very great threshold through which to pass."
October 29, 2014 Round Two: "You are only engaging your mind to be still so that it may learn to respond upon its own to that which calls to it."
This unlearning is designed to free up space in my mind for new and true learning. My mind is so cluttered and burdened with culture-based learning, stereotypes, assumptions, false beliefs and who knows what else that there is no room for the real stuff, the things that will nurture, sustain, and truly fulfill me. I wish to be focused and only direct my energy toward what is truly useful and beneficial and not squander it on useless and pointless activities.

There is so much to unlearn! I am coming to the realization that it is best not to think at all, but just let things be, allow the Mystery to unfold without trying to control it. This is such a huge challenge. I am feeling overwhelmed. It is as though my head is bursting from all the extraneous thoughts that clog my mind. How I so wish to be unburdened.

My Image is Light. You are made of God’s Light. This is the essence of you.

If this is too incomprehensible to you, then let it be. You don’t have to believe something when you are it anyway. And you don’t have to say you fathom a Truth when you do not yet fathom it. There is a difference between fathoming and Being.

Let’s forgo fathoming then, and just love as One. 


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