Step One Hundred and Four

Step 104. God Knows More About Me Than I Do.
God does know more about you than you do. That must be obvious if you have considered yourself honestly. And yet, consider the implications of this. If God knows more about you than you do, then would not God’s evaluation be something that you would want to learn to investigate? Of course it would. And would not your evaluations of yourself be necessarily in error? In this alone you have sinned, for sin is only error. Error calls for correction, not condemnation. You would condemn yourself and think that God would then follow your example and render to you a greater condemnation. That is why people have made God in their image, and that is why you must unlearn what you have made, so that you may find what you know and so that your creations in this world may be for good and have lasting value.

God knows more about you than you do. Do not pretend you can create yourself, for you have already been created and that which has been genuinely created is far greater and happier than the life that you have realized thus far. It is your unhappiness that is bringing you to truth, for it is driving you to a genuine resolution. This, of course, is true.

On the hour repeat this statement and consider it seriously. As you do so, observe the world around you in order to attempt to learn of the meaning of today’s idea in the world. In your longer practice sessions in stillness, allow your mind to become quiet so that it may learn to enjoy its greatness. Give it this opportunity for freedom, and it will give freedom to you in return.

Practice 104:
 Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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March 29, 2013 Round One: I can accept that God knows more about me than I do and that my evaluations of myself are erroneous. However, I must admit that it is a very uncomfortable feeling to realize that I am not who I think I am, that the image I have created of myself in my own mind is in error. Then who am I, I ask. I accept that I will know the answer to this question in good time. Again I have the feeling that I am facing a blank page, a clean sheet where all my previous ideas, assumptions, evaluations have been swept away, but I have no idea what might emerge in their place.

October 31, 2014 Round Two: Steps very rarely (on only two or three occasions) uses the word “sin” or its derivations “sinned,” “the sinful.” I find this very validating, validating of my own beliefs, since I do not believe that people are inherently sinful, I do not go for the whole spiel about people needing to be atoned for their sins. So when this Step talks about sin only being error and that error must be corrected, not condemned, I rejoice. This resonates with what I have always known. I do not condemn myself for not knowing who I really am, that is why I am here, to find out. It stands to reason that if I already knew all about myself I would not need to be in the world. So I accept that God knows more about me than I do. God placed Knowledge in me so that I can find out for myself who I really am.

This time it is obvious to me that God knows more about me than I do. When I operate from my limited, physical self how can I really know who I am? It stands to reason that what I think of myself, how I imagine myself is limited too. God is all-pervasive and all-inclusive, so God obviously knows more about me than I do. This makes perfect sense.
"God has put Knowledge within you to guide you and to protect you and to lead you to a greater life and participation in the world. It resides beyond the realm and the reach of the intellect.
"It is happening at a deeper level. It is your deeper conscience that will tell you if you are living the life you know you must live.  
"Here is an honesty so deep and so uncorrupted that it can restore to you the eyes to see and the ears to hear and the power and confidence to follow what is true, and to express what is true in the most constructive and beneficial ways so that others may be inspired and be reminded that they, too, have this deeper conscience within them waiting to be discovered. This is how God restores you and gives you clear eyes and freedom from the past. This is how God cleanses your mind and your heart, and shows you a way out of your dilemmas no matter how deep set they may seem to be. This is how God moves through your life and in your life.  
"And it is only at this level that you will know for certain that God is with you and has never left you."


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