Step Ninety-Three

Step 93. I Am Sent Here For A Purpose.
You are sent to the world for a purpose, to contribute your gifts which will emanate from Knowledge. You have come here for a purpose, to remember your True Home while you are in the world. The great purpose that you carry is with you at this moment, and it will arise in stages as you undergo the preparation that we are providing for you. This purpose is greater than all the purposes you have imagined for yourself. It is greater than all the purposes you have attempted to live for yourself. It does not need your imagination or your creations, for it will fulfill itself through you and will integrate you perfectly as it does so. There is a purpose for you to fulfill in the world. You are now preparing step by step to experience and to learn to accept this so that it may yield its great gifts to you.

In your two practice periods, affirm the reality of this statement. In stillness and receptivity, allow your mind to settle into its true function. Allow yourself to be a student, which means allowing yourself to be receptive and responsible for utilizing that which is provided for you. Let this day be an affirmation of your true life in the world, not the life that you have made for yourself.

Practice 93:
Two 30-minute practice periods.

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Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

March 16, 2013 Round One: What I understand from this Step is that my purpose will emerge naturally as I take this journey to reclaim Knowledge and my own designs for myself are of no consequence here. I can relieve myself of the trouble of trying to figure it out. All I need to do is get out of my own way, as Maureen so aptly put it in a previous Step.

October 16, 2014 Round Two: I do not know what my purpose here might be, but it will emerge naturally as I continue my preparation and gently move back the veils to reveal my destiny. It is of no consequence whether I have been sent or whether I have come. I am here of my own volition and I am here to make a contribution. I have a voice, so I can speak, I have some experience, so I can share, I have a mind, so I can probe, I have a heart, so I can open it and express its love. I have a true purpose here, I have a true life, and all shall be revealed in due time.

I am drawn to Marshall’s words at this point and take inspiration and encouragement from them as I seek to know my own purpose: 

"I think that we have before us an unparalleled gift to receive and to give, greater than our estimation it is, and the mystery of our lives that it represents, because so much of who we are has nothing to do with our daily life. It’s as if half of us is here and the other half remains unknown and unexplored, but it is that other half that holds the key to our lives and purpose and the greater value of our being here. So I welcome you all to the Mystery!"

So I stand before the Greater Powers and the Grace of the One and amongst my people and many peoples, I share my gratitude, that my life has been saved for a greater purpose, saved beyond my own reckoning, beyond my own plans and goals, saved for something greater than I could have foreseen.


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