Step Ninety-Eight

The Primacy of Humility

Step 98. Review
In your review once again review all of the instructions of the lessons and everything that you have experienced thus far in the past week of practice. Honestly evaluate your engagement with these lessons and recognize what they have yielded for you in terms of understanding. Try to be very fair in your assessment. Remember that you are a student. Do not claim that you have realized more than you have actually experienced.

The simplicity of this approach may seem obvious, but for many people it is very difficult to achieve, for they are so used to thinking that they have more than they have or less than they have that it is very difficult for them to assess their actual circumstances even though their circumstances are quite obvious.

In your one long practice period, then, review your lessons and consider each one in depth, recalling your activity with them on the day that they were given and your understanding of them at this moment. Review each of the six previous steps very carefully and beware of making conclusions that do not represent your true experience. It is better to be uncertain than to have false conclusions.

Practice 98: One long practice period.

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March 22, 2013 Round One: Another humbling Step. And it is good to be cautioned against making conclusions that do not represent my true experience. It is very easy to assume that I am making greater progress than I actually am, claiming more than I have actually experienced. For I know how these lofty soarings into the heavens can bring me back down to earth with a resounding thump. When reviewing my experience and what I wrote about the six previous steps I can see where I may have been presumptuous and maybe even drawn false conclusions. However, the difference between now and the past is that Knowledge is not offended, Knowledge continues to lead me boldly forward.

I can affirm the following from the past week of Steps:

Step 92. I am not fully aware of what my role is in the world and have no false assumptions or ambitions on that count.

Step 93. I am told I have a purpose and I accept that. I am also confident it will be revealed in due course.

Step 94. Freedom is the gift of being free from expectations and assumptions, releasing me to find my true purpose and role in the world.

Step 95. To find fulfillment and my true purpose I need to rid myself of my fantasies about myself and my life, relinquish my separation and embrace interdependence.

Step 96. I have come to realize that I have not been hindered in my pursuit for Knowledge during my life. I have not been shackled by doom and gloom, not burdened or oppressed, any suffering has been of my own creation, born of my own small mind. I am aware of a greater deeper mind leading me in the right direction.

Step 97. I do not yet know what real fulfillment really is, but I have this unfailing certainty that there is divine order in my life, and in the world as a whole.

October 22, 2014 Round Two: This time, I am even more aware of the need to carry out a sober review. There are no embellishments, just where I am at. I make no conclusions and do not think I have more than I actually have. But nor do I have less. I am past belittling myself and bringing myself down, but nor am I elevating myself. I am just where I am at. And that is good.

I can affirm the following from the past week of Steps:

Step 92. I am fully aware that I have come into the world at a crucial time. I have come to serve the world in its present needs. It is no accident that I am here now and responding to the New Message.

Step 93. Nothing new was revealed this time. I am still confident that I have a true purpose here and all will be revealed in due time. I will not fantasize or imagine what it might be. I will just keep on doing what I feel called upon to do. I listen to my inner voice and Knowledge speaking within me.

Step 94. Freedom is the willingness to accept whatever comes my way. I am not free to run riot, I am free to follow the path that unfolds steadily before me. I am free to express myself as I am.

Step 95. This is not about self-fulfillment for my life is not about me. It is about other people and how I touch them. Fulfillment is in contribution and service.

Step 96. No one can put a crown of thorns on my head unless I let them. My misery is of my own making. I do not need to be burdened if I don’t want to. Life is not about bearing a heavy cross, it is about giving with a light heart.

Step 97. I will not think that I have more than I actually have or think of myself more highly than I ought. 


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