Step Eighty-Seven

Standing in the light of my temple of Stillness

Step 87. I Will Not Be Afraid Of What I Know.
Upon the hour today practice repeating this statement and consider its meaning. Upon the hour you will learn to release fear from your life, for Knowledge will dispel all fear, and you will dispel fear to give Knowledge its right to express itself. Trust what you know. It is for the greatest good. You may bear great anger and distrust towards yourself, but this is not directed at Knowledge. This is directed at your personal mind, which cannot possibly understand your greater purpose. It cannot possibly answer your greatest questions or provide certainty, purpose, meaning and direction in your life. Forgive what is fallible. Honor what is infallible. And learn to tell the two apart.

In your two longer practice periods today, practice letting go of fear so that you may know. Allowing your mind to be still and receptive without making demands will be a demonstration that you are trusting Knowledge. It will give you reprieve from the afflictions and the animosities of this world. With this, you will begin to see a different world.

Practice 87:
Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

March 7, 2013 Round One: I am indeed beginning to dispel fear to give Knowledge its right to express itself and trusting what I know. I also feel I am beginning to distinguish between what is fallible and infallible, experiencing my true foundation in the world and reclaiming Knowledge. Again it is hard to describe in words, a knowing that transcends all understanding. I feel inspired and encouraged to go on.

October 9, 2014 Round Two: "Trust what you know. It is for the greatest good."

During the hourly practices, I focused on this, as well as repeating the statement that I will not be afraid of what I know. I tried not to delve too deeply, but just take this as a given.

During the first meditation, however, I kept wondering what it really meant. Does it mean I will not be afraid of what I know, or does it mean I will not be afraid of what others think about what I know? In other words, I will not be afraid of arousing animosity, disbelief, rejection, finger-pointing, and so on in others if I tell them what I know about the New Message, the Messenger, and my general beliefs about the workings of the world?

I think I can say very confidently that I am not afraid of what I know, but perhaps I am afraid or reluctant to let others know what I know. Fear is one of those areas I feel I have not fully explored. I think I am not afraid, I am strong in my own convictions and not swayed by what the world puts out to keep people in a state of panic, anxiety, and fear. But is this really true? Am I truly not afraid?

Like the first time I did this Step, I feel that fear does not touch me. I do not feel challenged, I do not feel threatened. Often I feel as though I am invisible, no one is paying attention, so I can go on doing my thing and no one will stand in my way. Only a few people walking the same way I am will see me and I have nothing to fear from them.

During my second meditation practice, I decided I was analyzing too much again. I find when I analyze too much I lose the thread of being. I feel bogged down. So I chose to be still and receptive, just stand in the light of my temple of stillness and trust Knowledge. This does not need any analysis.

P.S. Interesting that today (March 26, 2016), as I post this Step again, my husband joined Facebook and, if he is interested, he can see all I post in Russian about the New Message. He has asked to join the Russian "God, Angels and Spirituality" group, which is where I advocate the NM. However, he is very skeptical of such things and calls them "cults," so in the past I have not shared my spiritual calling with him. Am I afraid of him knowing? Is this what this Step is referring to? It will be interesting to see how his knowing what I am up to transpires. I am stronger now, so I think I can handle it if he challenges me on this.

P.P.S. Another year has passed (today is Tuesday, March 28, 2017, as I revisit this Step). My husband tried to challenge me, but failed. I held my ground and he backed off. He knows better than to challenge me on something like this--hehehe.


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