Step Sixty-Six

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Step 66. I Will Stop Complaining About The World.
Complaining about the world means that it is not meeting your idealism. Complaining about the world means that you do not recognize that you have come here to work. Complaining about the world does not help you understand its predicaments. Complaining about the world means you do not understand the world as it is. Your complaints indicate that some expectation has been disappointed. These disappointments are necessary for you to begin to understand the world as it is and to understand yourself as you truly are.

Upon the hour today give this affirmation to yourself and then practice it. Each hour spend a minute not complaining about the world. Do not let the hours go by unattended, but be present for practice. Recognize the extent to which others are complaining about the world and how little it gives them and how little it gives the world. The world has already been condemned by those who dwell within it. If it is to be loved and cultivated, its predicaments must be recognized and its opportunities must be accepted. Who can complain when an environment is given where Knowledge can be reclaimed and contributed? The world only needs Knowledge and the expressions of Knowledge. How can it be worthy of condemnation?

Practice 66: Hourly practice.

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January 29, 2013 Round One: I don’t complain about the world, I complain about myself and the way I act in the world. The sentence that speaks to me most in this Step is “Who can complain when an environment is given where Knowledge can be reclaimed and contributed?” 

I apply this to myself and feel gratitude for the opportunity offered by Knowledge to correct myself and perhaps, if I am diligent and persevering enough, even to see where I can make a contribution. That is if I can subdue my arrogance and other shortcomings.

September 16, 2014 Round Two: I am happy to say that I have not acquired the habit of complaining about the world in the time that has elapsed since I first did this Step. I do still complain about myself though, but it seems less consequential, more of a habit that is hard to completely eradicate.

This time the sentence I quoted above jumped out at me again. The world is the perfect place to reclaim and contribute Knowledge, so it would be futile to complain. The world is as it is, and I came into the world this time to do some specific work. Not work in the way “work” is normally interpreted, it has nothing to do with my employment, but work in some other way related to reclaiming Knowledge. 

I knew this when I came here, but then I forgot. Now I am trying to remember again. The world as it is today provides a unique opportunity to do this and I accept and rejoice in this opportunity. If I were not in the world as it is at this moment, I would not have this fabulous opportunity to grow and reclaim Knowledge. Many of us here on the planet at this specific time, at this momentous time in its evolution, came here to contribute. If only we can remember this, if only we can realize this, if only we can reclaim the Knowledge placed inside us in order to accomplish the work we came here to do.

I just realized that when I switched from the personal pronoun “I” to the plural “we” at the end of the previous paragraph, it felt good and right. It has come to my awareness recently that I am part of a team. I am not only an individual in a separate body, I am something more than my physical bounds. To put it another way, I am more than myself. So it feels very comfortable to use “we” instead of feeling I should only be speaking for myself. We all came into the world together to do something, so let’s get on with it and stop complaining!

I love how Rainmaker, another person inspired by the New Message, posts on the Free School Forum every day and what he posts always speaks directly to my own experience.

“Think about giving in the sense of what has been given to you. 

“Each of you has come from your Spiritual Family into this world to play your part in this era of human evolution. You have come with problems to solve, but more importantly you have come bringing the memory of your Ancient Home here, so that the distinction between the world and the Ancient Home from which you have come will lessen and disappear in time.”

How’s that for “right on” in the context of this Step.
August 28, 2018 Round Three: I don’t complain. I have no expectations. I am in the world to reclaim Knowledge and contribute it. If I complain it means my expectations have been disappointed. I have chosen Separation to be able to reclaim and contribute Knowledge. This is the answer to Hilary’s question about Separation - why did we choose it? Because only in this physical form in Separation can we reclaim and contribute Knowledge, thus raising humanity’s vibration and promoting its evolution. We are here on a mission and there is nothing to complain about.
Today I travel to Moscow to help Ursula with her residence documents. I am feeling positive about it, although I am loath to leave my country haven. I am travelling back out into the world and will not complain about it.
There is indeed much to complain about. Moscow is a cesspit! But I am not complaining, I am accepting it as it is, as a place I no longer wish to live. This is absolutely clear.


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