Step Sixty-Nine

Step 69. Today I Will Practice Stillness.
In your two 30-minute practice periods today, practice stillness. Allow your meditation to be deep. Give yourself to it. Do not enter meditation with demands and requests. Enter meditation to give yourself to it. It is the temple of the True Spirit within you to which you bring yourself. In your practice periods, then, be present and be still. Allow yourself to bathe in the luxury of emptiness. For the presence of God is first experienced as emptiness because it lacks movement, and then within this emptiness, you begin to feel the presence that permeates all things and gives all meaning in life.

Practice stillness today so that you may know.

Practice 69:
Two 30-minute practice periods.

Here you will find the entire book free for download

Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

February 3, 2013 Round One: This transcends all words, but I do not trust what I feel.

Mary responded with, “Til now all your posts did emphasize this trust.”

Yes, I am confused myself, since of late I have been experiencing doubts about what is "real" and what is just a figment of my imagination. I have no trouble entering the stillness of the temple of the True Spirit when I meditate and while practicing this Step I immediately see what I can only describe as Light Beings (one in particular) rushing to my side and others gathering around me. But this is what I want to see and experience, so I doubt the "reality" of it. Am I not just projecting my own wishes, or is this the deeper mind, the mind that "sees and knows," as described in one of the texts I read called The Great Love

As revealed to
Marshall Vian Summers
on November 23, 2007
in Boulder, Colorado
"But you were born with a deeper mind, the mind of Knowledge. This mind does not think like your intellect thinks. It sees and it knows. It is not what people think of when they talk about the subconscious mind. That is more associated with your worldly mind, or intellect. This deeper mind is not subject to conditioning in the world. It is not patterned or conditioned by the world. It is not threatened or intimidated by the world. This deeper mind is called Knowledge in the New Message because it is related to the experience of direct knowing, the experience of affinity, the experience of true recognition and the experience of true relationship."

September 19, 2014 Round Two: I did not trust what I felt the first time I did this Step, but oh what a difference a day makes. Metaphorically speaking that is. It has been more than a day, but it is of no consequence how time is measured. What I mean is that having practiced stillness for quite a while now, I have come to trust very well what I experience when I am in that place, the temple of the True Spirit.

First practice period – it feels good to enter deep into stillness without demands or requests, without questions to be answered. There is a quiet penetrating darkness, a vast emptiness that is ever so welcoming. I allowed myself to bathe in the luxury of this emptiness (how poetically this Step puts it) and feel its nurturing power. When I feel my mind drifting to something else, or extraneous thoughts creep in, I push them away and gently bring myself back to stillness.

Second practice period – it is becoming easier to enter a place of vast emptiness and just float there. There is a presence in this emptiness. I will not attempt to put it into words since it is beyond description. I just know that I trust what I feel in stillness now. I know I am in the presence of my Teachers and that they love me and wish me well. 


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