Step Sixty-Five

Step 65. I Have Come To Work In The World.
You have come to the world to work. You have come to the world to learn and to contribute. You have come from a place of rest to a place of work. When the work is done, you go home to a place of rest. This can only be known, and your Knowledge will reveal this to you when you are ready.

For now, practice upon the hour. Tell yourself that you have come to the world to work, and then take a moment to feel the reality of this. Your work is greater than your current employment. Your work is greater than what you are currently attempting to do with people and for people. Your work is greater than what you are attempting to do for yourself. Understand that you do not know what your work is. That will be revealed to you and it will evolve for you, but understand today that you have come to the world to work. This will affirm your strength, your purpose and your destiny. This will affirm the reality of your True Home, from which you have brought your gifts.

Practice 65: Hourly practice.

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January 27, 2013 Round One: I can really identify with this concept of coming to the world to work and it gives substance and meaning to life. It is also encouraging to know that my work is more than what I am actually doing at the moment, greater and more expansive, and that it will be revealed as I move along. The main thing for me now is remaining aware of this Knowledge and continuing to take the Steps that bring me to an ever fuller awareness about life in the Universe and the part I can play in it.

September 15, 2014 Round Two: The work I have come here to do will be revealed to me in due course. Sometimes I think I already know what I have come here to do and am already doing it. But this Step says my work is greater than what I am currently attempting to do with people and for people. It is greater than what I am currently attempting to do for myself. It says I need to understand that I do not know what my work is. I wonder when it will be revealed?

People of all ages practice Steps to Knowledge. Young people, middle-aged people, older people. I wonder if what Steps says here applies to one and all, regardless of age? It makes more sense that young people might not know what their work is yet, but what about people already nearing the end of their lives? They might be wondering when this illusive work is finally going to be revealed. Or might it be that they have been doing it, but unaware of it, and finally the light will dawn that this, this very thing they have been doing all these years, is in fact the work they came here to do. I am willing to succumb to the mystery and keep on doing what I am doing, confident that I will know one way or the other when the time comes.

This thought that I have come to work in the world remained with me all day, and in the evening I was reading a book that opened up a new vista of possibility regarding this thought. Some ray of light shone, something illuminating opened up.


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