Step Fifty-Six


Step 56. Review
In today’s review, review the past week of lessons and your involvement with them. Try to understand that though progress may appear to be slow at first, that which is slow and even will progress greatly. Involvement that is consistently applied will give you the straight line to your accomplishment.

In your review, we again remind you to refrain from self-judgment if you have not met your expectations. Merely realize what is required to follow the instructions as they are given and involve yourself with them as fully as possible. Remember that you are learning to learn, and remember that you are learning to reclaim your self-worth and your true abilities.

Practice 56: One long practice period.

Here you will find the entire book free for download

Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

January 14, 2013 Round One: This review confirmed my involvement and showed me that I am indeed refraining from self-judgment. I still find I am looking for or expecting instant results, well, perhaps not instant, but rapid. However, events are unfolding in such a way in my life that I am learning patience and learning to trust that the answers come, the path opens up with greater clarity at precisely the right time. All I need to do is be open to receive the answers and assistance when they come. And they do. This is my experience. And I am trusting more fully the Knowledge that is slowly but surely being revealed to me.

September 3, 2014 Round Two: I am less inclined to want or expect rapid results this time around and I am still working on getting past self-judgment. I feel I am making progress in this area though. I am learning to appreciate myself just as I am, for I am beginning to remember that I am more than my physical self. If I was aware of my spirituality before, it was vague and unformed. Now my consciousness is awakening to the recognition that I have a source beyond the physical plane, I have a Spiritual Family, I am part of a much greater whole. This removes the need for self-judgment.

Something that has begun filtering into my awareness over the past week of Steps is the importance of direct experience over the mental constructs I build for myself. This crystallized for me when I opened Secrets of Heaven this morning at p. 193 and read:

"It is the tendency within this world—and indeed within all worlds—to identify with a concept or a belief, to identify with a thought system, instead of preparing yourself for a direct experience. Indeed, some thought systems claim that this is their goal. Yet the experience must come first. If the experience does not come first, the thought system will be the goal and not the means towards attaining something greater. Therefore, do not even have a concept of Spiritual Family. It is merely terminology we use because it is relevant to your experience here. Spiritual Family is an experience."

This review revealed to me that I am making progress, not in leaps and bounds perhaps, but I feel I am getting there, slowly but surely. 
August 18, 2018 Round Three: I did this review between 4.30 and 5.00 am. I read all the Steps again and my journal.
Step 50. I am trusting my inclination to know. I am with Knowledge. 
Step 51. Reality is beyond my fears. I understand the limitations of my environment and vehicle and do not hate myself for being limited. I see Volodya as a catalyst moving me forward, moving me on to the next stage in my life, moving me on to my new house, my home.
Step 52. I am free to find the source of Knowledge. I am to allow Knowledge to express itself through me. I am to allow it to bestow its gifts on me. I feel I am.
Step 53. My gifts are for others. I can only realize my value, purpose, meaning and direction through my contribution. I can only understand myself in the context of my contribution to others. I contributed to Sasha and we both resolved our drinking problem. I am contributing to Claire, I am contributing to all my children. I am contributing to life in the village.
Step 54. I do not live in idealism. Many of my relationships are not ideal, but I have adapted to them and learned from them, grown richer from them, and they have proven to be the perfect thing. I look for the good in things, but I accept the world as it is.
Step 55. Yes, I accept the world as it is. I am not condoning negative things, but accepting conditions as they exist so I can work with them constructively. I feel I do this - I work constructively with the circumstances I find myself in.


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