Step Fifty-Nine

Step 59. Today I Will Learn Patience.
It is very difficult for a mind that is tormented to be patient. It is very difficult for a mind that is restless to be patient. It is very difficult for a mind that has sought all of its worth from temporary things to be patient. Only in the pursuit of something greater is patience necessary because it requires a greater application. Think of your life in terms of long-term development, not in terms of immediate sensation and gain. Knowledge is not merely stimulation. It is the depth of power that is universal and eternal, and its greatness is given to you to receive and to give.

Practice each hour today affirming that you will learn to be patient and that you will become observant of your life rather than critical of your life. Affirm that you will become objective about your abilities and your circumstances so that you may apply a greater certainty to them.

Learn patience today and patiently learn. In this way, you will move more quickly, more certainly and more lovingly.

Practice 59:
Hourly practice.

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Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

January 18, 2013 Round One: I am laughing at how appropriate this is for me today and again I am amazed at how each Step I take moves naturally and logically on from the previous and speaks precisely to what I am experiencing today. Learning patience has always been an issue for me, since I tend to want instant results and don’t like to put things off. I used to think my ability to start something and not stop until I finished was an asset, but I am beginning to see the virtue of letting things unfold naturally and not rushing on headlong to finish the race.

Time may be at a premium, but there is also the right time for everything, and often I need to learn patience to allow certain situations and pursuits to come to fruition in their own time and not as I think they need to. So, yes, patience is the name of the game for me today.

September 7, 2014 Round Two: I am appreciating more and more the value of patience. And I trust that everything will happen in its own good time. There is no benefit to getting “bent out of shape” over things I want to happen, but are not happening yet. I have confirmation of this from past experiences. A very pertinent example for me is waiting for nine years to return to the Soviet Union, my residence of choice. I was anxious and impatient to get back, but it all ended up happening just as it was supposed to in due time.

I have been waiting over twenty years to find my place in the bosom of nature. I still have not found it yet, but I have everything faith that I will when the time is right.

“Only in the pursuit of something greater is patience necessary because it requires a greater application.” 

Oh, how clearly these words speak to me today as I practice patience.


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