Step Forty-Nine

Step 49. Review

This marks the completion of your seventh week of practice. In this Review, it is asked of you to review all seven weeks of practice, reviewing all instructions and recalling your experience of using each one. This may require several longer practice periods, but it is quite essential for you to gain a comprehension of what it means to be a student and how learning is actually accomplished.

Be very careful not to judge yourself as a student. You are not in a position to judge yourself as a student. You do not have the criteria, for you are not a teacher of Self Knowledge. You will find as you proceed that some of your failures will lead to greater successes, and that some of what you thought of as successes may lead to failures. This will underscore your whole system of evaluation and will lead you to a greater recognition. This will make it possible for you to be compassionate towards yourself and towards others whom you now judge for their successes and their failures.

Review, then, the first forty-eight lessons of practice. Try to recall how you responded to each Step and how deeply you involved yourself. Try to look at your successes, your accomplishments and your obstacles. You have come this far. Congratulations! You have passed the first test. Be encouraged now to proceed, for Knowledge is with you.

Practice 49:
 Several long practice periods.

Here you will find the entire book free for download

Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

January 5, 2012 Round One: I spent the last days of the old year and first days of the new year in this review, trying to digest all I have learned until now, re-reading the first 49 Steps, going back over my responses, and understanding the depth of my involvement. And I am happy to say that I am satisfied, I feel I have passed the first test and that Knowledge is indeed with me. 

I read somewhere as I began this review that 2012 was a Year of Revelation - indeed this is true for me. And I feel that 2013 will pave the way to even deeper learning and desire to know the Greater Truth. I am cultivating the ability to listen to something deeper than the mind, I feel as though I am able to go through the mind and have become aware of this Greater Truth.

Much has been revealed as I take this journey and more will be revealed as I continue. And I do feel encouraged to proceed.

I feel so blessed and grateful. Thank you!!!

August 27, 2014 Round Two: I spent a week doing this review, taking seven steps each day and going back to reread the step and my response. I made notes on what spoke to me in each step and recapitulated my experience.

My goal was to internalize what I had learned even more, reiterating how each step spoke to me, what I understood from it, how I applied it to my own experience, and what results I received. I gave myself a plus when I felt I was making good progress, a minus when I felt my progress was slow, and a plus/minus when I felt I was making some progress but was still not sure about many things.

It is a lot of material to digest and I feel I gain the most when I do not push myself, but allow the teaching to percolate slowly, dripping drop by drop down into the deep well of my mind.

This Step talks about a whole system of evaluation. What came to mind for me was stringing beads onto a thread. This idea came to me when I recalled a serial I had seen on TV a while ago. I did not avidly watch the serial, I just caught some parts of it, but one thing stuck in my mind. The leading female character found a box of red and black beads and thought up a game to play with her family (let me explain that she and her husband had adopted a family of four dysfunctional children and were trying to find a way to make positive contact with them). The game was that each member of the family could add a bead to the thread strung up in the kitchen – a red one if something good had happened that day and a black one for a bad day. The point was to know what kind of day everyone was having even if they didn’t want to talk about it. The children did not take to the idea, so the mother ended up moving the string of beads down into the basement and playing the game by herself. There would be times during the unfolding of the story where we would see her adding a red or black bead to the string.

My beads are different, but I feel the concept is the same. Beads are strung on a string and each bead tells a story, takes up its place between the bead before it and the bead after it, each one blending harmoniously to form a whole system. It is a long journey and it must not be rushed. I try to plant my foot firmly as I take each step, satisfied with the part of the journey already covered and joyfully anticipating what still lies ahead.


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