Step Thirty-Eight

Step 38. God Knows The Way To Knowledge.
How can you find your way when you are lost? How can you know certainty when you value the temporary so greatly? How can you know the power of your own life when you are so intimidated by threats of loss and destruction? Life is kind to you, for it offers not only the reward but the way to the reward. If it were left up to you, it would be cruel indeed, for you would have to attempt every single possibility that you could conceive of, and then you would have the possibilities that others have conceived of and even the opportunities to reach Knowledge that others have used successfully but which may not in fact work well for you. In your brief span of time in the world, how can you accomplish all of these and still maintain your vitality? How can you maintain your encouragement for Knowledge when so many ways will disappoint you?

Take faith today in knowing that God knows the way to Knowledge, and you need only follow the way that is being given. In this way, Knowledge simply emerges in you because it is acknowledged, for only God knows Knowledge in you, and only Knowledge in you knows God. As the two resonate together, they both become more apparent. In this, you find peace.

In your two practice periods today, each of a 30-minute duration, practice feeling the presence of God, silently, in stillness. Not thinking about God, not speculating, not wondering, not doubting, but simply feeling. It is no fantasy that you are concentrating upon now, though you are used to concentrating upon fantasy. In stillness and quiet, everything becomes apparent. God is very still, for God is not going anywhere. As you become still, you will feel the power of God.

Practice 38: Two 30-minute practice periods.

Here you will find the entire book free for download

Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

December 15, 2012 Round One: Knowing that I need only follow the way that is being given – this way to Knowledge that will simply emerge in me because it is acknowledged – is so very empowering and I know it to be true. There will be no disappointment, for there cannot be. God is not going anywhere – yes indeed!

August  8, 2014 Round Two: "God has given you a perfect guidance system within yourself, which we call Knowledge. You may also call it the Holy Spirit, if you wish. It is an inner guidance system. In a very pervasive way, it is exerting its influence on you continuously, and on rare occasions it will actually move you to do something and motivate you in a very strong way. The power of your Knowledge is tremendous, and it is safely hidden within you in such a way that you cannot meddle with it. It is more powerful than you are, but it is actually who you are."

I accept that Knowledge is the guidance system from God, even without having my own personal interpretation of God. I accept that what people call God is something I cannot fathom, I can only accept the mystery of it. So I do not concentrate on fantasy or speculate on what God might or might not be. God is not going anywhere. This I embrace wholeheartedly. God will always be around whenever I am ready and willing to let the presence of God fill me and be part of my experience. It is a feeling, not something to be confined to words that have no way of describing it.

July 25, 2018 Round Three: So this is the answer to the last Step - everything I thought up and wrote down is only icing on the cake, distractions, for the only true way to Knowledge is through God, and God can only be felt through stillness. Not fantasized about, but felt. Knowledge cannot be reached through other people, other ideas, other religions, other spiritual groups, etc. I was right - Knowledge can only be reached through stillness and inner knowing. The way to Knowledge is through stillness and God is the sum-total of Knowledge in the Universe, so only God knows the way to Knowledge.

First stillness practice - 4.50 - 5.20. Sitting in the greenhouse. Masha was with me, but she was quiet and still. I practiced Na Rahn breathing and dwelled in the Golden Realm of the Creator.

Second 30-min practice - 12.23 - 12.53. Inside, lying on bed. Good practice. I thought I might fall asleep, but I didn’t. Sasha was gone, not back from Murom. I kept my mind focused on Knowledge. I felt reassurance that all was right in my life. I saw violet bursts of light in different configurations behind my eyelids.

Right afterwards I received an audio recording from Hilary. Then a second, as I texted her. I messaged her back. Then I received a third. We were in sync.


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