Step Twenty

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Step 20. I Will Not Let Doubt And Confusion Slow My Progress.
W hat can slow your progress but your own indecision, and what can breed indecision save that which produces confusion of mind? You have a greater goal which is being illustrated in this program of preparation. Do not let doubt and confusion be an obstruction to you. To be a true student means that you are assuming very little and that you are directing yourself in a manner that you do not prescribe for yourself but which is given to you from a Greater Power. The Greater Power wishes to raise you to its own level of ability. In this way, you receive the gift of preparation so that you may give it to others. In this way, you are given that which you cannot provide for yourself. You realize your individual power and ability because they must be developed in order for you to follow a program of this nature. You also realize your inclusion in life as life strives to serve you in your true development.

Therefore, practice the same practice that you attempted in the previous day in your two practice periods, and do not let doubt or confusion dissuade you. Be a true student today. Allow yourself to concentrate on your practice. Give yourself to practice. Be a true student today.

Practice 20: Two 15-minute practice periods.

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Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

November 23, 2012 Round One: Doubt and confusion are natural every now and again, and I have certainly allowed them to slow my progress in the past. The trick is, however, to recognize them as precisely that - doubt and confusion - which come from somewhere else other than Knowledge. When I see this, I have the strength to go on, always certain that Knowledge is leading me precisely where I need to go.

July 19, 2014 Round Two: It was not the doubt and confusion that came through strong for me this time as the accent on being given something which I cannot provide for myself, something from a Greater Power that wishes to raise me to its own ability.

Doubt and confusion still creep in, of course, but I am seeing them for what they are – just doubt and confusion, which are temporary and can be dispelled by holding a greater vision. Doing Steps the second time has the advantage that I am already aware of the Greater Community and how this has an impact on my awareness and perspective. A Greater Community awareness and a better awareness of a Greater Power help to dispel the doubt and confusion that are part of a lower level of thinking, a lower dimension of being.

I chose a plastic jar to look at today with a screw-on lid, but the jar was open, without the lid. Again I saw how perfect it was, the screw threads around the top perfectly positioned, in perfect harmony. I didn’t see any ethereal body around it though during the first practice period.

During the second practice period, I did not see anything extending from the jar either. I did not see anything in particular, apart from its form and the way the light reflected on it. Then after about ten minutes, the purple aura appeared and moved out from the edges of the jar, particularly from the top. So there is more to a plastic jar too, I thought.

This time, this steps speaks more to me about my inclusion in life as life strives to serve me in my true development.

July 7, 2018 Round Three: This time I am further up the mountain out of the fog of doubt and confusion. I have reached a clearer vantage point where the fog has dissipated. Doubt and confusion do not hamper my progress today, for I see through them and do not become entangled in their snare. I may still experience them, but they do not throw me off course. I now have a firm anchor of Truth, a fulcrum to hold onto that keeps me from being buffeted and swayed by any waves of doubt and confusion.

Today I will be a true student and know I am pursuing a greater goal provided by a Greater Power. I have been given the gift of preparation and I am to develop my individual power and ability. I am doing this. I am becoming stronger in the mental environment and not permitting the diversions of the world to hamper my progress.

I did the first 15-min practice (4.56-5.11) inside sitting in an armchair in the front room, looking at the back of a wooden chair at the table. Again its contours melted and it did not appear solid. I felt some frustration, some futility in the exercise and wanted it to be over as quickly as possible.

Second practice (13.46-14.01) - I sat on the couch in the front room and looked at a wicker basket on the table. I saw an aura spread from it at times, but again I wasn’t really into the practice. Again I felt the futility of it, although I understand now what the point is.


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