Step Twenty-Three

Step 23. I Am Loved, Surrounded And Supported By The Teachers Of God.
The truth of this will become self-evident as you prepare, but for now it may require great faith. This idea may challenge existing ideas or beliefs, but it is true nonetheless. God’s Plan is invisible and recognized by very few because very few have the openness of mind and the quality of attention that will allow them to see what is obviously occurring around them, which at this point is not obvious to them at all. Your Teachers love you, surround you and support you, for you are emerging into Knowledge. This calls them to your side. You are one of the few who has the promise and the opportunity to emerge from the sleep of your own imagination into the grace of Reality.

Therefore, in your two practice periods today, feel this love, support and direction. It is a feeling. It is not ideas. It is a feeling. It is something you must feel. Love is something you must feel to know. You are indeed loved, surrounded and supported by your Teachers, and you are very worthy of their great gift to you.

Practice 23:
Two 15-minute practice periods.

Here you will find the entire book free for download

Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

November 26, 2012 Round One: Today I do not feel worthy of this gift.

I keep recalling an experience I had this summer when I was guided in meditation to make contact with the Higher Beings, my Higher Self as I thought, and when I asked for permission, I was told "NO!!", and when I asked why not, I was told I was not ready. But this contradicts my past experience when meditating on my own when I have only ever felt love, support, benevolence. So I am wondering if the person guiding me when I was rejected could have had some influence.

Whatever the case, I do not feel worthy today and am unable to feel this truth.

July 22, 2014 Round Two: First practice - I feel worthier this time of the gift being bestowed on me. I am happy to think that I have the promise and opportunity to emerge from the sleep of my own imagination into the grace of Reality. I am trying to feel that I am loved, surrounded and supported by the teachers of God, although I do not think this is something you try to do. It is something you just feel without making an effort. Feeling and knowing.

Second practice – part of this is being drawn to other like-minded people, feeling the invisible threads that draw separate people together, because really we are all one and we form together a network of love and support. Breaking free from old limiting ways of thinking, shedding the pain of the past, and walking anew into the light are all part of feeling this worthiness of the gift being bestowed and emerging into the grace of Reality.

I wish to step beyond the boundaries of limited thinking and confining beliefs.

I opened Secrets of Heaven today at page 135: “You will see in the days to come Knowledge and belief and the great contrast between them. What is known has no boundaries. What is believed sets them.”


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