Step Twenty-Five

Step 25. I Am At One With The Greatest Truth Of Life.
What is the greatest truth of life? It is something that must be experienced, for no great truth can be contained in an idea alone, though ideas may reflect it within your current experience. Great truth is a product of great relationship. You hold a great relationship with life. You hold a great relationship with your true Teachers who are within you. Eventually you will experience great relationship with those in your outer life, but first you must experience the source of your great relationship in its true establishment already. Then it is a matter of merely transferring it to the world outside, which you will do naturally in time.

In your two practice periods, practice feeling this relationship. Again you are asked to receive because you must receive this to give it. Once it is received, it will give of itself naturally. In the process of this your worth is re-established because it is quite apparent. You do not need to misrepresent yourself or your experience. To share a great love honestly means you must be experiencing it. It is this experience that we wish to give you today.

Practice 25: Two 15-minute practice periods.

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November 30, 2012 Round One: Things are intuitively becoming clearer as I move from one Step to the next. Doubt and skepticism do not seem real any more, they may surface now and again, but then they disappear like a puff of smoke, leaving a sense of deeper knowing that I am moving in the right direction. I am truly feeling this experience of the Greater Truth of Life and opening myself up to receive it more and more. It is very empowering.

July 24, 2014 Round Two: I am beginning to gain a deeper understanding that relationship is what it’s all about. If I am able to experience life in the context of relationship, be it my relationship with myself, with my inner world, with my inner guides and teachers, or with my outer life, with the world I live in, with the people I come in contact with, with my friends and family, then I am drawing closer to what it means to experience God and the greatest truth of life.

First practice – again in the woods among the pines and birches. I continue to feel how the Steps move intrinsically from one to the next and form one intertwining whole, each now echoing, now repeating, now reiterating each other and resonating with what I am experiencing today. The idea of relationship expressed in this Step builds on yesterday’s idea of not being able to do anything alone. As I communed with the trees, I recalled things said by other students of Steps that relate so deeply to what I am feeling today as I practice this Step and think of another step I am posting on at Ascending Knowledge. Everything comes delightfully together in a greater sense of awareness and relationship.

Second practice – I receive the benefits of being in relationship with more than my limited self. I am beginning to appreciate the meaning of relationship. It can be much more than a two-way relationship, with my inner world, with another person, with my environment, it is multidimensional, encompassing all there is, the entire universe and all that it is made up of.

P.S. January 25, 2017 If I can nurture these relationships and really experience them, I can have a relationship with God, the sum of all relationships.

July 12, 2018 Round Three: I am to experience this great truth. It is a product of great relationship - first with my Teachers within me, then with those in my outer life. But first I must experience the source of my great relationship in its true establishment already. What does this “true establishment” mean? I don’t think I zoned on this before. I must feel this relationship and receive it. Once it is received, it will give of itself naturally, thus my worth will be re-established, because it is quite apparent. I do not need to misinterpret myself or my experience. I am to experience this great truth.

First 15-min practice - in the greenhouse 5.32-5.47. It was so nice to come to the greenhouse openly without worrying about disturbing Volodya or have him intrude in my space. Masha was with me and kept coming onto my lap and purring. A bee was buzzing. I practiced the sphere imagery and listening to Stillness. I keep hearing “Go.” But go where? This time I heard “Go home.” But where is home? Home for me now is our plot of land. I feel we need to build somewhere to live there as soon as possible. Sasha agreed with me on our walk this morning. This is the great truth for me today. I cannot permit Volodya to intrude in my space for much longer, it is too discomfiting and abrasive.

Second 15-min practice - inside, sitting on bed while Sasha was gone to Gorbatka. This was a good practice of feeling the Presence and listening to Stillness.


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