Step Twenty-Eight

Step 28. Review
We shall begin our fourth review period with a special prayer.

“I accept my Knowledge as a gift from God. I accept my Teachers as my elder brothers and sisters. I accept my world as a place where Knowledge can be reclaimed and contributed. I accept my past as a demonstration of life without Knowledge. I accept the miracles of my life as a demonstration of the presence of Knowledge and I give myself now to cultivate that which is of the greatest good within myself to be given to the world.”

Once again we shall review the past week of practice, rereading all of the instructions and with each Step reviewing what has transpired in your times of practice. Be sure to ask yourself how deeply you were involved in practice—how much you wanted to search and investigate, how carefully you examined your own experience and to what extent you felt motivated to penetrate whatever barriers that might exist.

Our one 45-minute practice period of review will begin to give you a perspective on your development in this preparation. This is beneficial not only for yourself but for those whom you will serve in the future, for as you are receiving now, you will wish to give in whatever context and in whatever form is appropriate for you. You must understand how people learn and how people develop. This must come from your own experience and must represent the love and compassion that are the natural emanations of your Knowledge. Again do not let any doubt or confusion dissuade you from your true application.

Practice 28: One 45-minute practice period.

Here you will find the entire book free for download

Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

December 3, 2012 Round One: I don't think I am deeply enough involved yet. I am motivated, but still I feel I am expecting results without doing the work. I am not spending enough time on exploring my experience, although I feel the practices offered by the Steps are uppermost in mind as I go about my normal activity. But still, I need to delve deeper and devote more time to searching and investigating.

I want to learn the prayer off by heart and be able to say it any time without having to look it up and reread it.

July 28, 2014 Round Two: I accept and also embrace all the pointers given in the prayer. If I were better at learning things off by heart, this would be my mantra to repeat at will.

How deep is my involvement?

After rereading the instructions for this week’s Steps and reviewing my responses, I can say that I am committed to my practice, my involvement is as deep as I am capable of at this moment in time, at this particular stage in my development. My desire to search and investigate is strong, I am carefully examining my experience and motivated to eliminate whatever barriers exist. I wish to look at myself and my life honestly, see what I still need to work on, see which areas still cause me discomfort or pain, understand my true motivations, and work steadily toward reclaiming Knowledge and discovering Wisdom, discovering a greater truth, and understanding my part in the whole.

The events of this week have graphically shown me the need for this greater clarity, the need to be attentive to what is going on inside me and practice what Steps is teaching me. This is the only way I can be true to my own self.


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