Step Thirty-One

Step 31. I Wish To See A World I Have Never Seen Before.
This represents your desire for Knowledge. It represents your desire for peace. It is all the same desire. This desire emanates from your Knowledge. It may compete with other desires. It may threaten other things, though it need not necessarily do so. Therefore, the affirmation for today reflects your true will in life. As this is affirmed, it becomes more apparent to you, and you are able to experience it more and more in time.

Today upon each hour, feel your desire to see a different world. Look at the world without judgment and say to yourself, “I wish to see a different world.” Do this every hour. Try not to miss any practice sessions. Practice no matter how you feel, no matter what is occurring. You are greater than your emotional states and so you need not deny them, though they will need to be controlled in time. You are greater than the images you see around you, for they mostly represent your judgment upon the world. Practice this day looking without judgment and feeling as you look.

Practice 31:
Hourly practice.

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Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

December 7, 2012 Round One: I wish to see a different world.”

For me this is the same as saying "I wish to see the Truth." I wish to see the world as it really is, not the way I think it is, or even the way I think it should be.

However, I am not sure I fully understand. What is meant by the world? The physical world as it appears when I look around me, or situations I find myself in? If it means situations, I can choose the way I see things - either negatively or positively and adjust accordingly, switch from negative to positive if need be. If it means the physical world, then I am not sure - I see beauty for the most part. Or does it mean both?

Perhaps I am missing some vital point here, but I do desire Knowledge.

July 31, 2014 Round Two: I was very consistent today about saying “I wish to see a different world” every hour. I found that I did not even need an alarm to remind me, my mind was right there “in the groove” on the hour.

What did this practice give me though? I cannot say that any light bulbs came on. I saw a world going about its usual business, people engaged in their various jobs, communicating in different languages, getting done what had to be done.

I see this kind of world most days. When I look at the world without judgment, I see the world doing what it has to do. It may not always be the right thing. But what is right? Only what I construe as right, but that is placing my judgment on the world. What is right for me may not be right for the next person.

I am not building fantasy pictures in my mind though, I am looking at the world as objectively as possible, and accepting it as I see it. This is actually very freeing, because I do not feel compelled to change anything. I just get on with what I need to do, what feels right to me, and let the world do what it needs to do. Live and let live.

I wish to see beauty, so that is what I see.


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