Step Six

Step 6. I Have A True Foundation In The World.

Beyond the beliefs and assumptions which mask your own fear and uncertainty, there exists for you a true foundation in the world.
This foundation is built upon your life beyond this world, for that is where you have come from and that is what you will return to. You have come from a place to which you will return, and you have not come empty-handed.

Twice today, spend two longer periods of 15 to 20 minutes in considering what your true foundation may be. Think of all your ideas about this. This is a very important question. You must realize your great need for this to ask this question with sincerity and with penetrating depth.

Without a true foundation, your real accomplishments and advancement would be without hope. It is a great blessing, then, that you possess this, even if it is unknown to you.

Practice 6: Two 15 to 20-minute practice periods.

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Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge 

November 11, 2012 Round One: I feel as though I have a very superficial understanding so far, perhaps I have no understanding at all about what the Steps are saying and it is premature to even be posting here. But here is what I wrote down in response to this step.

What is my true foundation? My source in God, where I came from, my Ancient Home. I understand that the spiritual part of me is what counts - not my physical body, not my thoughts, ideas and beliefs, not my hopes and desires, but the part of me that is beyond definition. 

June 30, 2014 Round Two: I can say that this second time doing Steps really has me none the wiser, but I am more dedicated to doing the practices and spending the amount of time suggested in considering the statements and questions offered.

First practice – I have no trouble with the concept that I have come into the world from somewhere and will return there after I leave. This is what Steps refers to as my Ancient Home. I also see a picture of it in my mind’s eye (mountains surrounding a crystal-clear lake with trees around its edge). I can also accept that I have not come empty-handed. I have some accomplishments under my belt already. This is not the first time I have been in the world and may not be the last. However, for reasons beyond my current understanding I have no memory of what occurred in the past. I only feel now that I am not a total newcomer, I have some experience, I have some well of knowledge to draw on.

Second practice – I do not need to be fearful or uncertain, for I have a true foundation in the world, which I brought with me from my Ancient Home. This foundation is a solid base on which to build my accomplishments and make my advancement in this life. I am here in the world for a purpose and my true foundation is the springboard from which I launch forth to accomplish it.

I am feeling a new confidence and comfort in the world, so I am going to say that I am experiencing this foundation.

June 22, 2018 Round Three: First 15-20-min practice (3.40 - 4.00 am)

This foundation is built upon my life beyond this world, from where I have come, and I have not come empty-handed. I have one foot firmly planted in the world beyond, which is why I believe what I want to believe and why I sail through this life. I have been uncomfortable in this world to date, but now I know I have a true foundation in the world, I am better able to understand where I am coming from. Now that I understand I have a true foundation in this world, it is a blessing, and it is known to me. I understand that this life is temporary and my being in this world is based on what I have brought with me from my life beyond this world. I have a rich life beyond this world and I have some memory of it, so this gives me good ballast in this world. This gives me a greater perspective, because I can see beyond this physical reality, I can see the bigger picture. This is what gives me confidence in my beliefs, because I have past experience with this, and it is percolating down into this life. I have a broader panorama to work with. I can see beyond my fear and uncertainty. I do not have beliefs and assumptions that mask this fear and uncertainty. I will keep quiet about this, for most do not see. I will try to ignore any attempts to impose on me, unconscious or not. I will not react to Sasha’s fears. I will stay immune to them and not get hooked in. I will keep my distance. I will be discreet. I will continue on my own quiet way, confident in the true foundation I have - it is strong, durable, and unshakable. All will come to pass as it is supposed to. My faith is invincible. 


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