Step Seventeen

This painting by Peter H. Marshall is called "The Quiet Art of Listening."

Step 17. Today I Want To Hear The Truth.

The desire to hear the truth is something that is both a process and the result of true preparation. Developing the ability to hear and the desire to hear will yield to you that which you seek. The truth is utterly beneficial to you, but at first it can be quite shocking and disappointing to your other plans and goals. This you must risk if you wish to have the certainty and the empowerment that the truth will bring to you. The truth always brings resolution of conflict, always provides an experience of self, always gives you a sense of current reality and always provides direction for you to move forward.

Today, in your three 15-minute practice periods, practice listening to the truth, trying to listen beyond the mind and emotions. Again do not be concerned if all you hear is the rushing about of your own thoughts. Remember, you are developing listening. That is the most important thing. Like exercising a muscle in the body, you are exercising the faculty of mind called listening. Therefore, this day practice listening, taking these practice periods to devote yourself so that you may feel the truth arising within you.

Practice 17: Three 15-minute practice periods.

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November 19, 2012 Round One: Yes, I want to hear the Truth, this is an ongoing need for me. And again I come back to what I realized yesterday, I get what I need and not what I want (the words of a song come to mind, hmmm seems Mick Jagger sang them, I remember them hitting me then whenever I used to listen to that song, and here they are again). This is what comes to mind from the words of this Step.

“The truth is utterly beneficial to you, but at first it can be quite shocking and disappointing to your other plans and goals.”

I feel as though I am ready to take the risk and ready for a truth that does not fit my preconceived conceptions. I am certain deep within that whatever the truth may be it cannot be bad, only beneficial.

July 16, 2014 Round Two: As I take the Steps to Knowledge for the second time, I continue to be amazed at how my step for the day is so in sync with what I am experiencing.

First practice – I continue to acknowledge my desire to hear the truth. The truth is something I have a deep and yearning need for. I understand that the truth may not always be what I want to hear or what I am expecting. It might be disappointing to my other plans and goals, it might go against my wishes, but I have absolutely no doubt that it will be beneficial to me, the very thing I need.

Second practice – I appreciate what this step says about how exercising the faculty of mind called listening is like exercising a muscle in the body. For a muscle to grow and become strong, it must be exercised. Nothing will grow and become strong without constant application. So to cultivate my ability to listen, I need to practice it, exercise it, devote my attention and energy to it.

Third practice – things surfaced that I have not paid much attention to before. I do not know if they are coming from beyond my mind, from Knowledge, warning me who not to be with, or just warning me to beware, not to be so open and gullible. I am asking to know the truth, to hear the truth, for I do not want to become caught in a trap I cannot extricate myself from. Listening requires discernment, being alert and aware, and then sifting through the thoughts that my mind produces to separate the chaff from the grain.


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