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Step Three Hundred and Fifty-Three

Step 353. My True Home Is In God. Your true home is in God. Your True Home is. Your Home is true. You are true. You are at home even now while you are in the world, though the world is not your True Home. Because you are at home in the world and because you are with Knowledge, you can give to the world and provide exactly what it needs, and you will want to give this sense of home to the world, which feels homeless and lost.

Upon the hour repeat this idea and look upon people in the world and see how homeless they appear to be. Remember how they are truly at home but do not realize it. Like yourself, they are asleep at home. You are learning now to awaken from your sleep, and you are realizing that you are still at home because your Spiritual Family is with you, Knowledge is with you and your Teachers are with you.

Thus it is that you are at home in God, even though you seem to be far from your True Home now. You have brought your True Home with you. How can you be where God is not if …

Step Three Hundred and Fifty-Two

Step 352. I Am A True Student Of Knowledge Today. Affirm this upon the hour, and in your two meditation practices enter your periods of silence with great reverence and devotion. These are your times of worship. You are truly going to church now—not from obligation, not from fear or anxiety and not from a sense of duty to an unloving God, but out of a sense of great joy and out of a desire to give yourself to that which gives itself to you. Be a true student of Knowledge. Remember all that has been told to you thus far and utilize it every hour. Engage with practice meaningfully, both internally and externally. Strengthen this day. Give this day to Knowledge as Knowledge gives this day to you so that you may learn about the presence of Knowledge in your life.

Knowledge is God’s gift to you, for Knowledge is God’s extension to you. Thus, Knowledge will be God to you but will speak of greatness beyond itself, for Knowledge is here to enable you to be in relationship meaningfully with you…

Step Three Hundred and Fifty-One

Step 351. I Serve A Greater Purpose, Which I Am NowBeginning To Experience. Repeat this idea upon the hour and do not forget. As you strengthen this understanding, it will become ever more real and apparent to you. As it becomes ever more real, all other ideas and notions that compete with it will fade away, for this one great truth has substance. All other things which pretend to be the truth and are in conflict with this will fade because they are without substance. That which is true exists whether you want it or not, whether you believe in it or not and whether you adhere to it or not. That is what makes it true.

You have thought in the past that all things exist because you wanted them to. This is only true in the realm of imagination, a realm that you are learning now to escape. Even in the realm of imagination, you learn to value that which is closest to the truth so that you may escape the realm of imagination. For the realm of imagination is not the realm of Creation. What cre…

Final Lessons

You are about to begin the final steps in our preparation. These are not the final steps in your overall approach to Knowledge or in your utilization and experience of Knowledge. Yet, they are the final steps in this one great stage of development in which you are now engaged. Therefore, give yourself to the next section of practice with increased desire and intensity. Allow Knowledge to direct you in your participation. Allow yourself to be this powerful, this strong and this involved. Do not think of your past, but realize the reality of Knowledge in the moment and its great promise for the future. You are honored who honor the source of your preparation. You are honored this day as you begin the final steps in this essential stage of your development.

Step Three Hundred and Fifty

Step 350. Review
Once again review the past two weeks of your training, reading each lesson and reviewing each day of practice. Once again develop your ability to be objective. Once again recognize the overall movement of your life—the slow but very important and substantive changes that are occurring within your values, within your engagements with others, within your activities and, most importantly, within your entire sense of yourself.

Keep in mind that important change is gradual and often goes unnoticed until its results become evident. Realize that minor or insignificant change often involves great emotional upheavals where people think that something tremendous has just happened. The greater change is deeper and changes everything. Small, incremental change affects your point of view immediately, but its overall effect is not that lasting. The only exception to this is when your Teachers intervene into your personal sphere to demonstrate their presence or to deliver a message o…

Step Three Hundred and Forty-Nine

Step 349. I Am Happy That I Can Finally Serve The Truth. It is your greatest joy, it is your greatest happiness and it is your greatest contentment to finally serve the truth. Your past has been frustrated and dismal because you have attempted to serve things without foundation and meaning. You have attempted to identify with things without purpose and direction. This has rendered to you the feeling that you have no purpose, meaning or direction. Feel happy now that you can represent the truth and serve the truth, for the truth gives you all that is true. It gives you purpose, meaning and direction which are what you have sought in all of your engagements, relationships, activities and endeavors. This is what you have sought in all of your fantasies, in all of your concerns and in all of your hopes.

Everything you have truly wanted is being given to you now. Learn now to receive what you have truly wanted, and you will realize what is true. You will also realize what you have always tr…