Step Three Hundred and Sixty

Step 360. I Must Learn How To Reveal Greatness In The World.

With simplicity, humility and without false assumptions, remembering that you are a beginning student of Knowledge, you will be able to learn how to reveal greatness in the world. This is quite essential because the world is ambivalent towards greatness, towards Knowledge and towards love. If you present the world’s desire to it when the world is in an ambivalent state, it will not know how to react. Therefore, its reaction will either demonstrate that it is for or against your contribution. Any individual, any community or any world that is beset with ambivalence will react in more than one way because it is ambivalent. For this reason you must learn to approach ambivalence with Wisdom, for those who are ambivalent must learn how to receive their certainty, as you are now learning to do.

Recognize thus far how ambivalent you have been regarding your life and regarding this preparation. Realize that for this reason, this preparation has been given to you in very incremental steps, one step at a time, day after day. One step at a time, you learn to develop and to accept your desire and capacity for Knowledge and you learn to express Knowledge as well. Being a student means you are here to learn, and as you learn you will demonstrate, teach and produce the great results that Knowledge wishes to produce. Yet, Knowledge cannot exceed your limitations because Knowledge cares for you and protects you as its vehicle. Because you are a part of Knowledge, you will wish to care for your vehicle as well. That is why you must take the utmost care of your mind and body as you proceed.

Today in your deeper practice periods, allow yourself to be instructed in how to reveal greatness in the world. Realize that the world is ambivalent and accept this, for this is the current state of the world. Realize that you must give with Wisdom and discernment. And realize that you must let Knowledge give of itself and not try to give from your own ambition or need to avoid a sense of inadequacy. Allow your giving to be true and your giving will be true. Your giving, then, will give of itself in a way that is appropriate, that will preserve you and that will honor those who receive your gift. This will bring them out of their ambivalence, as you are now being led into the light yourself.

Practice 360: Two 30-minute practice periods.

Here you will find the entire book free for download

Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

June 16, 2014 Round One: The world is ambivalent, as I was ambivalent. I must recognize that the world is ambivalent so I can understand it better and gently, incrementally, as Steps has done for me, bring the world to a recognition of Knowledge. I wish to reveal greatness with Wisdom and discernment, allowing Knowledge to lead the way, for I cannot push it, I cannot allow my ambitions to speak for me and lead me, I need to bask in the stillness and light of Knowledge and allow it to show me the way. But what is this greatness? I understand it is so much greater than the self. I am to reveal the greatness that God has given each and every one of us, a greatness that can only be revealed when I understand the small part I have to play in the whole. The whole is great and we are all in it together.

August 7, 2015 Round Two: “Realize that the world is ambivalent and accept this, for this is the current state of the world.”

I accept that the world is ambivalent and that this is the current state of the world. This makes it easier to deal with the world and my part in it.

I read one of my favorite blogs this morning by Charri Hart. What she writes always resonates to well with my own thoughts and experience. Today her post was about the thin membrane that separates Life and Death and is called “Through the Window.”

She writes: "I think that Death is the most difficult reality we as humans have to deal with.  Most of us do not even want to whisper the word.  Most of us fear it.  Yet it is as present as Life itself is. The membrane separating it is very delicate.  Fortunately, we are mostly not aware of how close it is, for if we were, death would become the thief of life, it would rob us of our joy, our hopes and our dreams.  We would live in its shadow and we would miss out on the sunlight with which Life fills our days.
"The wonderful news is that we have a powerful weapon against Death.  The best way to live in victory over Death is to live everyday to the fullest, to grab hold of each day and squeeze every drop of living from it, to say at the end of the day that we have truly lived our dash.  Our dash is God's gift to us, but what we do with it, is our gift to God.  By a miracle we have all found our way through the window into this life, a room filled with all life has to offer - love, joy, companionship and opportunities, to name just a few.  It is ours to explore and to enjoy, to share with others and to guide and help others through it, but someday we will all pass through the window again to where a new world awaits, there where our spirits will soar freely."

This for me is such an eloquent description of how I can reveal greatness in an ambivalent world.


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