Step Three Hundred and Thirty-Three

Step 333. There Is A Presence With Me. I Can Feel It.
Feel the presence of your teachers today who abide with you and oversee your preparation as a student of Knowledge. Feel their presence today and you will feel your own presence, for you are joined together in this presence that you feel. Remember that you are not alone, and you will not become isolated in your own thoughts. You will not become isolated in your own fearful considerations.

Upon the hour experience this presence, for this presence is with you upon the hour. Feel this presence no matter where you are today, whether you are at work or at home, whether you are alone or with another, for this presence is with you wherever you go.

In your two deep meditation practices allow yourself to experience the presence of love, which is the presence of Knowledge, which is the presence of Wisdom, which is the presence of certainty, which is the source of your purpose, meaning and direction in the world and which contains for you your calling in the world. Come into the proximity and into the experience of this presence in your deeper meditations. Do not neglect this, for here you will experience self-love, self-worth and true inclusion in life. Take this presence with you today and receive this presence in your deeper meditations, and you will know that the presence is with you every day.

Practice 333: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

Here you will find the entire book free for download

Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

May 20, 2014 Round One: I do feel this presence and it has been coming into clearer focus as I take the Steps to Knowledge. My Teachers are always waiting for me in the sanctuary of Knowledge. I enter this sanctuary of Knowledge and stillness when I am out in my local woods, in a birch grove. Yesterday when I did this Step it was hot, and when I entered the sanctuary, my Teachers took me to a cool glade with a clear pond and we went swimming together in my mind's eye. Take this as you will.

"Feel their presence today and you will feel your own presence, for you are joined together in this presence that you feel."

This sums it up. I am working on cultivating this presence, entering more deeply into it and joining with my Teachers in the presence of Knowledge.

July 9, 2015 Round Two: Am I feeling a presence today? I certainly didn’t feel it yesterday, and all my skepticism returned.

I looked at Tom C.’s latest entry where he shares his journaling on Step 189. My Spiritual Family exists in all places: “As I read GCW and S2K – knowledge is always present and available to every soul. Knowledge has always been at work in the universe and in this world. S2K is a method of increasing contact. It is a more current version of communicating what has always been. I've been seeking my spiritual kin all my life. I've had success in connecting with people.

"Another exploratory day. Am I 100% with the teaching? No, some skepticism is evident. That is OK. I’ve included the image that I referred to in my journal. It is a card published by my sister’s company in Colorado. The other important information is included. Native American spirituality evidences Knowledge in its teachings, as do the other historic religions. Each people had prophets and messengers inspired by the Angelic Presence.

"Let us continue. It is okay to be skeptical.”

Thank you for this, Tom!

In addition to what he says about being skeptical, I also zoned in on how Knowledge has always been at work in the universe and in this world. Yes, this rings true. So on skeptical days like today, I am holding this thought uppermost in my mind.

I am happy to report that things got better in the “feeling the presence” department as the day went on.

During my second meditation period, I got the strong urge to write a post at Mystery of Ascension – something I have not done for a while. You can read it here. The aftermath of that has rewarded me with several confirmations that the Presence is with me still and I am joined with other awakened minds that recognize the truth.

Also, I am very fond of Amy Tan and have read many of her books. Today I finished reading “Saving Fish from Drowning.” I was very moved by the last two paragraphs. I felt some universal truth in these words. I felt I really am not so weird after all, that somehow, somewhere I am at one with the Mind of Others, that somehow, somewhere, at some level, we are all joined.

“When I died, I thought that was the end. But it was not. When my friends were found, I thought that would be the end. But it was not. And when forty-nine days had passed, I thought I would instantly be gone, as some Buddhists think a person will. But here I am. That is the nature of endings, it seems. They never end. When all the missing pieces of your life are found, put together with the glue of memory and reason, there are more pieces to be found.

“But I won’t stay much longer. I now know what’s beyond here. My friends once had a glimpse of it. It was in the breath that lifted a hundred emerald beetles. It was in the echoes that followed each beat of the drum. It was in the absolute stillness when all minds were one. I can’t say more than that, for it should remain a mystery, one that never ends.”

Then my attention was drawn to the New Message Wiki page on The Presence: "If you experience yourself as part of the Presence, you will then learn to recognize the Presence in others."

And this is precisely what happened.


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