Step Three Hundred and Thirty-Six

Stanka Kordic - Truth and Knowledge

Step 336. Review

Begin your two-week review by reviewing the first lesson in this two-week period, rereading the lesson and recalling your practice for that day. Follow this subsequently for each following day. Review your practice. Realize what your practice is for and recognize what your practice is reinforcing within you. Recognize how much you want this reinforcement to occur and realize the tremendous value that you are receiving and are attempting to receive as you prepare as a student of Knowledge. Let your review today be a confirmation of the importance of your preparation. Recognize how much you need to strengthen your participation and how much you need to set aside ideas that are debilitating or that deny the existence of Knowledge within your life. Remember that Knowledge is with you and that your Teachers are with you, to be experienced and received every moment. As you learn to receive this, you will naturally express this.

In your one long practice period today, review the past two weeks of practice and realize what is being offered to you. Realize how much you need to receive. Realize how much you want to receive.

Practice 336: One long practice period.

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May 23, 2014 Round One: "Recognize how much you need to strengthen your participation and how much you need to set aside ideas that are debilitating or that deny the existence of Knowledge within your life."

Well, here is my answer to yesterday’s slump.

It is natural to stumble and even find myself falling back some days. However, this review has reiterated for me that I am still a beginning student and only beginning to understand Knowledge and how it works in my life. It has confirmed that even if some days I feel I am getting nowhere and even backsliding, I am still slowly making my way forward.

Something has shifted in me, Knowledge is growing stronger, I am seeing myself and the world around me in a different way, I am taking Knowledge as my guide rather than allowing the inconstant ways of the world to buffet me and influence me. I am becoming increasingly aware that there is a stronger fulcrum, something more constant, truer, purer and incorrupt that is guiding me.

This review has confirmed the importance of my preparation, the daily presence of my Teachers, the presence of Knowledge in my life. I am open to receiving this and taking setbacks as par for the course, ever aware, nevertheless, that I am committed to continuing my climb up the mountain.

July 18, 2015 Round Two: I did this review on July 12, 2015 while camping at Lake Sterzh.
Here is what I wrote in my journal:

As I read the review today, it struck me differently. The words “confirmation of your preparation” and “realize how much you need to receive” struck me more personally.

That’s the thing – people are seeking meaning and purpose, so they cling to whatever rings some bell of recognition for them. I don’t feel I am seeking meaning, so the bell of recognition is not some lifeline extended to save me, but a legitimate “next step” in the chain of evolution. Doing what I am doing now is necessary for my evolution and the evolution of the rest of the planet, for I am part of the whole and what I do to advance myself, advances the whole. So yes, I truly do wish to receive and I confirm the importance of my preparation, because this is what is required of human beings, of the human race. My practice is reinforcing in me the recognition that I need to do this for the sake of human evolution.

Step 323. My role in the world is too important to neglect.

What is my role? Nothing grandiose, but does it need to be something involving other people? I thought yesterday that my assignment this time is to stem my arrogance, to undergo and tolerate all the digs I get from Sasha, to learn humility and the bowing of my ego. But the NM says that this is not for my personal fulfillment, it is not a personal pursuit. Am I being brainwashed? Am I being made to think that I need to spread a word that others are not ready to hear? Is this what it is all about? I don’t think so. But that is what Jesus and the Mohammad did, although quietly, meekly. There are many prophets and messengers – I am not one. I am here to do something much smaller. I am weird, I don’t know how to act in the world, but who does? Others seem to know what they are doing, but do they really? I just know I am not really with the world, I am not understood by the world, but I wish to understand myself. I don’t even know if my role is to be with Sasha (my husband) – it is good for me, that is all I know, it is good for my personal growth, but if personal growth is not the name of the game, then what am I doing?

Step 324. I will not judge another today.

I feel I am good at this, but judgment is ingrained, so I do it automatically, without thinking.

Step 325. The world is emerging into the Greater Community of worlds, therefore I must be attentive.

If you say so.

Step 326. The Greater Community is something I can feel but not understand.

I don’t understand it entirely, although I accept it as a concept.

Step 327. I will be at peace today.

This is getting easier.

Step 328. Today I will honor those who have given to me.

I did this and I do.

Step 329. I am free to love the world today.

Shed all false obligations, chains that bind, false notions of myself, and I am free to love the world.

Step 330. I will not neglect the small things in my life.

The small things are what matter most.

Step 331. What is small expresses that which is great.

I get this.

Step 332. I am only beginning to comprehend the meaning of Knowledge in my life.

Nothing truer was ever said. I am constantly shown how little I really know, how little I know about being in the world. But Knowledge is all-powerful.

Step 333. There is a presence with me, I can feel it.

Sometimes I close it off, but it is always there, too much has shown me that it is foolish to deny this.

Step 334. The presence of my Teachers is with me every day.

Yes, of course. I call on my Teachers all the time and they never deny me. I feel their support, their teaching, their love. They help when necessary.

Step 335. The Fire of Knowledge is with me every day.

It has to be, otherwise all this has no deep meaning or purpose.


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