Step Three Hundred and Thirty-Nine

Step 339. The Presence Of Love Is With Me Now.

The presence of love is with you, within the fire of Knowledge within you. As exemplified by the presence of your Teachers, this presence permeates all things in the world. It is the context in which the world exists. It is still; therefore, it abides with everything. Can you who perceive the world perceive this abiding presence? Can you who act in the world see the effect of this presence within the world? If this presence were not in the world, the world would have destroyed itself long ago and there would be no hope for your salvation. There would be no hope for true community and for all the things that human beings are capable of in their temporary life here. All things of true value would not emanate, for the darkness of imagination and the darkness of fear would cover the world permanently and all would live in complete darkness. Without the presence of love in the world, this would be the case. Your life here would be sealed in darkness, and you would never be able to escape.

That is why your life in the world is temporary. It could not be permanent, for you are born of the light, to which you will return. How could you live in darkness permanently when you are born of the light, to which you will return? You have been sent into the world to bring the light into the world, not to confirm the world’s darkness. God’s Will is that you bring the light into the world, not that you be banished to the world in darkness. You are here to bring the light into the world.

You who are a student of Knowledge are now learning step by step to receive the light of Knowledge and the fire of Knowledge. As you experience this within yourself, you will see the fire of Knowledge burning in the world, for this is the presence of love. This is God within the world. What God does in the world God will do through you, but God’s presence in the world activates Knowledge in all minds and calls to all minds to awaken. This substantiates, confirms and strengthens the emergence of Knowledge wherever it is occurring.

God’s presence is permanent. The world itself is temporary. The physical universe is temporary. God’s presence is permanent. Can you then see what is great and what is small? Can you then see that which gives and that which must learn to receive? Can you then realize the importance of your preparation? Can you then realize the importance of your service in the world?

Upon the hour be attentive and experience the presence of love in the world. If you are attentive, you will experience this. In your deeper meditation practices experience the presence of love within yourself, which is the fire of Knowledge. Remember as you look upon this, within your world and within yourself, that from the stillness of this presence emanate all good works, all important ideas and the motivation for all important activities. This is what drives humanity and even the Greater Community of Worlds towards Knowledge and, with Knowledge, towards becoming one community.

Practice 339: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

May 26, 2014 Round One: I am having trouble seeing and feeling this today. I believe it, I accept, but I am not experiencing it this day. I think it is natural that I do not feel light-filled and loving every day. This does not mean I have returned to the darkness of my imagination and fears, it just means I am not all sweetness and light today. Maybe it means Knowledge is finally reaching me, for Knowledge is not a fairy story, but sober reality.

Round Two: July 16, 2015 – Lake Sterzh. It is clear to me that love pervades in the world, otherwise things would be very dark indeed. Love makes the world go around, the majority of people are aware of this. Love is a driving force in the world. This is especially apparent when disasters happen – people always rally together to help, there is always empathy, a willingness to reach beyond oneself and assist others. And the love referred to here is not romantic love, but compassion, love for one’s fellow man, love that makes you want to be kind to others and help those in need. This brings to mind the New Message Revelation called “The Great Love.” This was the first revelation I came across, by serendipitous circumstances, and it made such an impression on me that I explored the New Message further.


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