Step Three Hundred and Forty-Six

I walked into my garden at 5.30 am today and saw this flower with dew on its petals caught in the morning sun.

Step 346. I Am In The World To Work.
You are in the world to work. Work is what you want to do. Work is why you have come. But what is this work that we speak of? Is it your current employment, which you resist and have difficulty with? Is it the many tasks that you think are your own and that you assign to yourself? Your true work may be expressed in any of these activities, but it is truly greater. It will be your happiness and your fulfillment to carry out each step of your true work. Your true work in the world is to discover your Knowledge and allow it to express itself through you. Your true work in the world is to respond to your specific calling, which engages you with certain people in certain ways so that you may fulfill your individual destiny in the world.
This is your work. Do not think at this moment that you can understand what this work is and do not try to give it definition beyond what we have given you. It is all right not to know fully what this means. It is all right to apprehend the mystery of your life without attempting to make it concrete.

You are in the world to work. Therefore, apply yourself so that your application may reveal to you the source of your purpose, meaning and direction. It is through your work and meaningful activity that you will experience your value—the value of your individual life and the assurance of your true destiny. Your true work guarantees you all things of value and provides you escape from all things that conceal you and render you helpless and miserable.

Remind yourself of today’s idea upon the hour. In your two deeper practices, once again engage your mind actively in considering today’s idea. Consider how you view work itself and all of your associations with work. Review how you have responded to work in the past—your desire to work, your ambivalence concerning work and your resistance to work. Recognize how all desire to escape work has really been a desire to discover Knowledge. Realize that Knowledge will engage you with work with new purpose, new meaning and new direction. Examine your thoughts. You must understand your thoughts, for they are still very effective in influencing your perception and your understanding. When you can become objective with your own mind, you will be able to allow Knowledge to shine upon it, and you will be able to use the power of decision to prepare yourself and to work with the content of your mind. This is effective within your range of participation, for it is not given you to determine the purpose, the meaning or the direction of Knowledge, but to become the recipient of Knowledge, to experience Knowledge and to allow Knowledge to express itself through you.

Thus, in your two longer practice periods engage your mind actively. Concentrate on this one idea. Recognize all the thoughts and feelings that are associated with it. In the last portion of each long practice period, allow all thoughts to leave you. Re-enter stillness and receptivity so that you may come to know. Knowledge does not require your thinking when you are experiencing Knowledge itself, for all thinking is a replacement for Knowledge. Yet, Knowledge will direct all your thinking to serve a greater purpose.

 346: Two 40-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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2 June, 2014 Round One: I can see how work is more than I conceive it to be. It is not merely the specific tasks, specific assignments I perform every day, but is connected in some mysterious way with the movement of Knowledge in my life. It is through this work that I manifest and express Knowledge in the world and this can assume many different forms. I cannot know these forms, all I can do is be diligent and dedicated in my practice, in my efforts to reclaim Knowledge, and Knowledge itself will guide me and engage me in the most beneficial way to determine the meaning, purpose and direction of my life. Work as it is presented in this Step is not necessarily physical or intellectual, not necessarily connected to the work I do for a living, it is the work I came into the world to perform, it is the assignment I was given before I came here, and what I hope I can fulfill before I leave. It is part of the mystery of reclaiming Knowledge. 

This is my take today on the concept of work as presented in this Step.

July 24, 2015 Round Two: “It is through your work and meaningful activity that you will experience your value—the value of your individual life and the assurance of your true destiny.”

I carry this with me today. As I read this Step this time, the main message for me was that it is not so much figuring out what my work might be, as recognizing that I have work to do. I did not come into the world to party and “have a good time.” I came to advance human progress by doing my own small part. There is one thing I can say about myself for sure, and that is – I am a diligent worker. I do not shun work, be it my employment or other tasks I assign to myself, or that other people assign to me. I am willing and ready to work and do my part.

The main work for me is re-entering relationship with that which lives deep within me. I was moved to read about the latest revelation Marshall received and be privy to the process. It helps me to validate my own experience and feel my connection. This is not an individual pursuit, and I am not here for my personal enjoyment. I am here to work together with other awakening minds to discover the Truth.

“There is so much to discourage you in the world.

"There is so much aggravation, so much violence, so much disappointment and so much uncertainty. It is so easy to fall into despair. It is so easy to doubt oneself and others. It is so easy to think the future is doomed in some way or hopeless.

"But what you must come to understand is that there is a Great Alliance, a Great Alliance that has sent you into the world, a Great Alliance that watches over you once you begin to become aware of yourself and your deeper needs…

"It is important for you to know that this Greater Reality is connected to you and your presence in the world. For this will give you hope and encouragement that the world cannot give you. This will give you strength and determination that the world cannot give you…

"The question is: Will you re-enter relationship with that which lives deep within you, with that which represents your permanent life, the life from which you have come and to which you will return?

"… God knows who you are and where you are. And God has found you like a speck upon the ocean, drifting, lost in the world, in the chaotic seas and the chaotic world…

"But there is a long way to go. You have much to undo. You have much to forgive. You have much to recognize and come to terms with, and that takes time. But that is what time is really for. Otherwise, you will use time to languish, to live a haphazard and fruitless life. This is time now well spent…

"As the fog begins to clear in your mind, as the clouds begin to part in your awareness, you will begin to feel this Alliance, that you have a great connection with Heaven that is enabling you and supporting you in building a foundation for a greater life in the future…

"You have to work your way back. You have to reconstruct your mind and your affairs under the guidance of the power of Knowledge that God has given you to accomplish this. You cannot wish yourself to Heaven…”

And finally, the last words,

“And you will see you are part of a Greater Alliance. And you will know that you are but a small part. And you will honor the strength above you and the strength within you, for they are now united.”


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