Step Three Hundred and Forty-Nine

Stanka Kordic captures our primordial connection to the natural world

Step 349. I Am Happy That I Can Finally Serve The Truth.
It is your greatest joy, it is your greatest happiness and it is your greatest contentment to finally serve the truth. Your past has been frustrated and dismal because you have attempted to serve things without foundation and meaning. You have attempted to identify with things without purpose and direction. This has rendered to you the feeling that you have no purpose, meaning or direction. Feel happy now that you can represent the truth and serve the truth, for the truth gives you all that is true. It gives you purpose, meaning and direction which are what you have sought in all of your engagements, relationships, activities and endeavors. This is what you have sought in all of your fantasies, in all of your concerns and in all of your hopes.

Everything you have truly wanted is being given to you now. Learn now to receive what you have truly wanted, and you will realize what is true. You will also realize what you have always truly wanted. This enables the truth to become simple and evident. This enables your own individual nature to become simple and evident, for in simplicity all things are known. In complexity all things are concealed. Only what is mechanical in the world can be complex, yet its essence is simple and can be directly experienced. Only in controlling what is mechanical in life, which you must do to a certain extent, are there complexities, but even these complexities are simple to determine step by step. Thus, your approach to life must be simple, whether you are dealing with simplicity or complexity. The complexity that we speak of, which is a form of denial, represents the complexity of your own thinking and the difficulty in your own approach.

Be happy, then, that you can serve that which is true, for this will simplify all things and will enable you to deal with mechanical complexity in a direct and effective manner. Be happy, then, that your life has purpose, meaning and direction, for you serve that which has purpose, meaning and direction. Remember this upon the hour, and in your two deeper practice periods re-enter stillness with great receptivity and devotion. Remember that you give yourself here, that practice is giving, that you are learning to give and that you are learning to serve. You give what is true and you serve what is true, and as a result you experience what is true and you receive what is true. Therefore, this is a day of happiness because you serve what is true.

Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

June 5, 2014 Round One: The simplicity it talks about in this Step is what I am striving for today. I tend to complicate things, when truly keeping things simple is the name of the game.

As I continue taking Steps to Knowledge, I am appreciating more and more what it says here:

"You will also realize what you have always truly wanted. This enables the truth to become simple and evident. This enables your own individual nature to become simple and evident, for in simplicity all things are known."

I see the truth as a shining light ever beckoning me on.

July 27, 2014 Round Two: “Everything you have truly wanted is being given to you now.”

This is my experience today. I am constantly thinking this, realizing that recurring thoughts, wishes, dreams are now becoming a reality. This particularly applies to what I am currently experiencing in my country home. My husband and I have always been avid mushroom and berry pickers, making forays out into the forests around Moscow – usually marathon day-long journeys (getting up at 3 or 4 in the morning and returning early evening to then clean and preserve what we gathered).

And I always felt a certain sadness at having to return to the city. I always thought – wouldn’t it be lovely to live in the midst of these natural places where nature so abundantly gives of her bounty. Wouldn’t it be lovely just to walk out into the forest and return a couple of hours later with a full basket.

And today this is what I am experiencing. Within a very small radius of my country home are forests galore full of mushrooms and berries. The past few days I have been out picking chanterelles, raspberries, blueberries, and blackcurrants. And this is just a small part. Everything I truly wanted is being given to me now.
But with it comes reorientation and sometimes uncertainty.
Today I opened Matt Licata's blog "A Healing Space" and read:
"It's okay to feel sad. It's okay that a shaky uncertainty has come to reorient your world. These ones have appeared to midwife the death of an old dream, so that new forms of love and creativity may emerge."


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