Step Three Hundred and Forty-Eight

Step 348. Today I Will Witness The World Unfolding.
Without your fearful speculation, without your anxious reaction to fearful appearances and without your ambitions and denials, you may see the world unfolding today. Your eyes will see this, your ears will hear it, your skin will sense it and you will feel it with your entire physical and mental being. You will know this because your being knows while your mind thinks and your body acts. Thus it is that the power of Knowledge is the power of being, of which you are a part.

It is with this power that you can observe the world unfolding, for the world has a being, a mind and a body. Its being knows, its mind thinks and its body acts. Nature is its body. Your collective thinking is its mind. Knowledge is its being. Thus, as you begin to realize Knowledge within your life, you will realize Knowledge within the world. As you see Knowledge cleansing and purifying your mind, you will see Knowledge cleansing and purifying all minds in your world. As you see Knowledge guiding you into effective action, you will see Knowledge in the world guiding others into effective action. Thus, as you learn to have compassion towards yourself, you will learn to have compassion towards the world. As you witness your own unfoldment, you will witness the world’s unfoldment.

Today upon the hour repeat this idea and bear witness to the unfoldment of the world. In your two longer practice periods today, with your eyes open, gaze upon the world around you. Spend these times alone, gazing upon the world around you. Look without judgment. Feel the world unfolding. You need not try to feel this. You will feel it because it is natural. Without obstruction or intervention on your part, this experience will be ever present and available to you. Feel the world unfolding, for it will confirm all that you are learning now, and all that you are learning now will serve the world in its unfoldment.

: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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June 4, 2014 Round One: "The world has a being, a mind and a body."

As far back as I can remember, I have always thought of the world, planet Earth, as a living organism. 
"Its body acts. Nature is its body."
When there is imbalance in the world's body, Nature cleanses and purifies it. Hence natural disasters, cataclysms, hence the Great Waves of Change at this time in the Earth’s evolution. The world has to be cleansed and purified again in order to continue with its evolution. This is the way I see the world unfolding today.

July 26, 2015 Round Two: The perspective I had the first time still holds true for me today.

“as you learn to have compassion towards yourself, you will learn to have compassion towards the world.”

This speaks to me today. I feel I have compassion towards the world, I see its flaws and know it is evolving as it can. So I need to extend this compassion towards myself. I am flawed, I make mistakes, I could do better, but I am evolving and I cannot reach perfection in one day. It takes time, as it takes time for the world to evolve and become more perfect. Total perfection is impossible to achieve, and is it necessary? There are perfect things in an imperfect world. The aim is to focus on the perfect things so that they outweigh the imperfect.

I had a lovely day today. The world I witnessed was unfolding in perfect harmony.

My husband and I worked together canning cucumbers (using a recipe he found on the Internet) and then we had a barbeque in the garden with daughter Ursula as a belated birthday celebration for Sasha (birthday on July 23). The weather was warm and sunny, a perfectly blue sky. Laughter rippled, there was light-heartedness and joy.


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