Step Three Hundred and Fifty-Three

Step 353. My True Home Is In God.
Your true home is in God. Your True Home is. Your Home is true. You are true. You are at home even now while you are in the world, though the world is not your True Home. Because you are at home in the world and because you are with Knowledge, you can give to the world and provide exactly what it needs, and you will want to give this sense of home to the world, which feels homeless and lost.

Upon the hour repeat this idea and look upon people in the world and see how homeless they appear to be. Remember how they are truly at home but do not realize it. Like yourself, they are asleep at home. You are learning now to awaken from your sleep, and you are realizing that you are still at home because your Spiritual Family is with you, Knowledge is with you and your Teachers are with you.

Thus it is that you are at home in God, even though you seem to be far from your True Home now. You have brought your True Home with you. How can you be where God is not if God is everywhere? How can you not be with your Teachers if they accompany you? How can you not be with your Spiritual Family if your Spiritual Family is ever present? It may seem contradictory that you can be away from your True Home and be at home, but you only seem to be away from Home as you look upon the world and identify with the world you see. But within yourself you carry Knowledge, which is a reminder that you are truly at home and that you are in the world to extend your True Home into the world. For your True Home wishes to give itself to the world so that the world may find its Homecoming.

Upon the hour remember this, and in your two deep meditations return home to Knowledge. Return home in the sanctuary of your inner temple. Here you experience your True Home and here it becomes more real to you. As it becomes more real to you, it abides with you more and more in your experience. You must experience your True Home while you are in the world.

Practice 353: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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June 9, 2014 Round One: This is the answer. How perfectly ingenious Steps are!

Often in the past I have felt as though I don’t belong here, as though the planet Earth is not my home, which is why I often feel so much discomfort and dissonance being here. This Step puts it all in better perspective for me and answers the dilemma I expressed in the previous Step about not knowing what my True Home in God means, is, and feels like. I was asleep at home before, but now I am waking up and realizing that I have never left my True Home, my home is with me now, I am at home, I am at home in God, because I have never left God and God has never left me. All it takes is waking up to the realization. Now I need to experience my True Home while I am in the world.

July 31, 2014 Round Two: I have been asked in the past why I want to live in the country. This always struck me as a weird question. To me, it is obvious. But I realized that I had trouble answering in a way that other people accepted and understood. 

My answer is: So I can be in the bosom of nature. 

This, of course, does not do justice to what I mean, but this is it in a nutshell. 

Now I realize that my yearning to live in a natural environment is because I identify it with my True Home. Now I am living in the country, in the kind of environment I have always dreamed of, my dream has come true. I am at home here, I feel it to the marrow of my bones, which is why I am so happy, feel so blessed, and say at the end of each day – “it’s another beautiful evening in paradise.”


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