Step Three Hundred and Twenty-Two

Step 322. Review
Let us now review the past two weeks of preparation. Once again review each step, rereading its instructions carefully and recalling your practice for that particular day. Carry this forward for all the days in this two-week period. Be objective and recognize where your practice could have become deeper or more conscientious. Recognize how you still let the world overtake you and how you need to reapply yourself with greater certainty and determination. Do this objectively. Condemnation will only discourage you and will only lead you to quit your participation, for condemnation is simply the decision not to participate and the justification for not participating.

Therefore, do not fall into this habit, but view your participation objectively. Here you will learn how to learn, and you will learn how to prepare yourself and govern yourself. You must choose to participate, and you must choose to deepen your participation. Every decision you make on behalf of Knowledge is supported by the decisions of all others who are making the same decision and by the power and the presence of your Teachers who are with you. Thus, your decision for Knowledge, whenever it is made and supported, is greatly amplified by the presence of all who practice with you and by the presence of your Spiritual Teachers. This is certainly adequate to overcome any obstacle you view within yourself or within your world.

The power of decision is given to you. Here the power of decision is to view your participation objectively and to recognize where it can be deepened and strengthened. Resolve within the next two weeks of practice to carry forth what you have recognized as necessary this day. Here you will be acting powerfully on your own behalf, and the application of your power will be in the service of Knowledge, for you are preparing to receive Knowledge. Here your will and your determination are confirmed, for they serve a greater good.

 322: One long practice period.

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May 7, 2014 Round One: I do sometimes still let the world overtake me, but I am learning as I continue with Steps to reapply myself with greater certainty and determination. 

I see the main emphasis during this last two-week period to be preparing to be a vehicle for the contribution of Knowledge and a recipient of its gifts.

I feel I am serious and dedicated in my preparation, I choose to participate. I feel a stronger connection with my Teachers during this past period and a stronger connection with other students practicing Steps and reclaiming Knowledge. I feel I am making progress.

June 28, 2015 Round Two: Yes, the world still overtakes me sometimes and my participation in my practice is not as deep and dedicated as it might be. But Steps and Knowledge still live within me and I do not lose touch with them. I am always consciously aware of the power and presence of Knowledge and my Teachers.
“Resolve within the next two weeks of practice to carry forth what you have recognized as necessary this day.”
What I recognize to be necessary is continuing to live in the country. Thoughts and images that have been with me for years about this are now a reality and I have no desire for this only to be a passing phase, a temporary whim. I cannot see myself going back to my past life in the city. The only thing is that I am not living in my own home, so I am not in control. I can only trust that the bounty I am enjoying will continue or that something else will appear. Everything I have conjured up for myself is manifesting itself in my life. I do not wish for it to disappear.

Step 309. The World I See Is Attempting To Become One Community.
Coming to terms with myself, stopping the warring and conflict within myself, and this will reflect outward into the world.
Step 310. I Am Free Because I Desire To Give.
Turning heaviness into lightness – shedding heavy, troubling thoughts and allowing light ones to enter.
Step 311. The World Is Calling Me. I Must Prepare To Serve It.
Waiting, being discerning, biding my time, knowing what I want, holding that in my thoughts, pouring my energy into it, but knowing that all will come to be at the proper time, I must wait and prepare.
Step 312. There Are Greater Problems For Me To Solve In The World.
Not concentrate on the small things, not allow small, fleeting worries to take up roost and bother me, knowing that they too will pass and the bigger, truer picture will return. All to its own time.
Step 313. Let Me Recognize That What Is Complex Is Simple.

Wild strawberries. Do not complicate things, all is much simpler that it may seem at first glance. Just hold what is most necessary for me uppermost in my mind.

Step 314. I Will Not Be Afraid To Follow Today.
Follow the Steps, follow what feels right and most comfortable for me, follow my deeper prompts and insights – less feelings of being duty-bound, more freedom to spend time in nature, more freedom to follow my deepest inner desires.
Step 315. Today I Will Not Be Alone.
I am never alone, my Teachers are always with me, my Spiritual Guardians are always with me. On the physical plane, I have Sasha, he is my constant companion and we work well in tandem.
Step 316. I Will Trust My Deepest Inclinations Today.
This is all part of the same thing – follow what my heart dictates, do not hesitate, do not doubt, be open though to changes, nothing is set in stone, but always trust what is abiding and passes the test of time, what is constant and enduring, what keeps coming up – less work, less communication, more time in nature, more time for myself, reclaiming my relationship with myself, with Knowledge, with my True Self.
Step 317. I Need But Relinquish My Ambivalence To Know The Truth.
I get this!
Step 318. There Is A Greater Power At Work In The World.
Of course!
Step 319. Why Should I Be Afraid When A Greater Power Is In The World?
I am not afraid, I trust that the Greater Power working in the world will make everything right and as it should be.

Step 320. I Am Free To Work Within The World.
I am free to work within the world because no one else is paying attention or really cares what I am doing, so there is no reason to feel oppressed or intimidated, I can just do what feels right with no fear of retribution
Step 321. The World Is Awaiting My Contribution.
And I know my contribution will be given as it will, I do not have to try hard to do anything, it will flow of its own accord as I prepare and give myself to Knowledge.


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