Step Three Hundred and Twenty-Three

Step 323. My Role In The World Is Too Important To Neglect.
Your role in the world is too important to neglect. Therefore, do not neglect it this day. Carry forth the resolution that yesterday’s Review has given to you. Carry forth that which you need to do to deepen your practice, to utilize your practice, to utilize your experience in the world for practice, to carry your practice into the world and to allow your world to support your practice. Do not neglect this, for if you neglect this, you but neglect yourself, your certainty, your fulfillment and your happiness.

Do not neglect the preparation that is underway now. Every day you strengthen this, and as you do this every day you advocate Knowledge. You advocate your participation in life. Indeed, even in your preparation now you are teaching Knowledge, and you are strengthening Knowledge in the world. Perhaps you cannot yet see this, but in time this will become so evident to you that you will learn to value every moment, every encounter with another, every thought and every breath. You will value every experience in life because you will be present to them, and you will realize that within each, you can express Knowledge and experience Knowledge expressing itself.

Remember upon the hour today. Make this dedication, at the beginning of today and at the beginning of all the days to follow, to utilize your steps as completely as possible. In your two deeper practice periods, re-enter stillness to refresh your mind. Strengthen your ability and your resolution to allow your mind to become still and receptive. This you must fortify each day, for this is part of your practice. This you must give yourself to each day, for this is how you give to yourself and to the world.

Do not underestimate the importance of your role, but do not burden yourself with thinking that your role is beyond your grasp, for what could be more natural to you than to fulfill the role for which you have come? What could be more fully confirming of the importance and the value of your life than to carry forth what your life was meant to be? The power of decision is given you today to strengthen and to apply, yet the Greater Power behind your decision is greater even than your decision. This Greater Power abides with you now. Do not neglect your preparation. Do not neglect to move towards the completion and the fulfillment of your role in the world, for as you approach this, happiness will approach you.

Practice 323:
Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

Here you will find the entire book free for download

Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

May 8, 2014 Round One:You will value every experience in life because you will be present to them, and you will realize that within each, you can express Knowledge and experience Knowledge expressing itself.”

I am becoming more and more present, I feel this, for I am consciously aware of Knowledge within me and in my life and try to hold this awareness uppermost in my mind as I go about my daily activities.

I am also incorporating the revelations for the current free school session “Knowledge and Spiritual Practice” into my daily awareness. 
The Lamp and Listening for Knowledge are potent teachings that help to focus my mind and strengthen Knowledge in me.

I feel very dedicated to my practice, I do not wish to neglect this, or neglect the contribution I can make to the world.

June 29, 2015 Round Two: Today I feel my role is here, with me, with my husband, with my family. I am reclaiming my relationship with myself, with my Source, with my True Self. I had a strong feeling all through the day and night that I wish to truly “disappear into the woodwork.” This has been a guiding mantra for me for many long years—sometimes I have related to it with irony, tongue-in-cheek, but today I am experiencing the reality. I wish to move further and further away from the world as I see it, further and further away from the madding crowd.

What does this say for my role? If having a “role” to play means outward communication, interaction, being “out there,” then I guess it doesn’t say much for me. But what if the inner work each person does during his or her time on Earth is just as important? Steps makes it clear that I am not to analyze and construe a role for myself, since it will come naturally from my deeper nature as I allow it to unfold. My deeper nature has always been to be a wallflower—yes, that is a good description of me.

P.S. I continue to follow Tom C. He is very different from me in many ways, has a very different perspective, but I also feel a deep affinity with him and often certain things he writes strike a deep chord of recognition and concord in me. Like today, in his Step 180/179, he writes: "Getting something down gives some background for the day so that, when it comes to review, one can see actual progress – movement in thought. Will things get great/wonderful/perfect? No, but there will be a sense of better understanding, even when surrounded by chaos."

I do not feel surrounded by chaos today, but I like what he says about seeing progress, gaining a sense of better understanding and how writing something down gives some background. This is how it is with me today.


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