Step Three Hundred and Twenty-One

Step 321. The World Is Awaiting My Contribution.

Truly the world is awaiting your contribution, but remember your contribution will express itself in all things you do, great and small. So do not imagine for yourself a role that is grandiose or that will be devastatingly difficult. That is not The Way of Knowledge. Knowledge will express itself through all of your activities, for it is a presence you carry with you. As your mind and your life become free of conflict, this presence will express itself increasingly through you, and you will be a witness of Knowledge at work, both within yourself and within your life. Here you will begin to understand what it means to bring Knowledge into the world.

Your imagination has painted grandiose pictures and devastating nightmares for you. It is not in harmony with life. It exaggerates life in its hope and in its fear. It exaggerates your sense of yourself, primarily to your own self-deprecation. When your imagination is redirected by Knowledge, it will engage itself in an entirely new way. It will serve an entirely new purpose. Then you will be able to be free, and your imagination will not betray you.

The world is calling for you. You are now preparing. In its great need you recognize your great contribution. But remember always that your contribution gives of itself, and your desire to have it give of itself is your desire to give. Your desire to have your life become a vehicle of expression is your desire to have your life become unfettered by conflict and ambivalence. Your desire to give is your desire to become free and whole. This is your desire—to have your life be a vehicle for Knowledge.

Your task, then, is great but not as great as your imagination might indicate, for your task is to perfect your vehicle so that Knowledge may express itself freely. You do not have to wonder or imagine how this can be done, for it is being done today and will be done tomorrow. As you follow the steps within your current preparation and as you learn to follow the steps beyond this preparation, you will see you need but follow the steps as they are given to proceed.

Upon the hour remind yourself of your lesson and do not forget. Look upon the world and realize that it is calling for you to contribute. In your deeper meditations, re-enter your sanctuary in stillness and in receptivity. In doing so, realize that Knowledge needs you to become its vehicle. It needs you to become its recipient. It needs to fulfill itself through you. Thus, you and Knowledge are fulfilled together.

Upon the hour and in your deeper practices today, realize the importance of your role. Realize as well that all true assistance is given to you to prepare and will abide with you in your contribution as you learn to express Knowledge and to allow Knowledge to express itself through you.

Practice 321: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

Here you will find the entire book free for download

Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

May 5, 2014 Round One: I don’t have fantasies about making some great contribution, something public that will be widely renowned. I just want my Knowledge to show, I want it to influence those around me, those I come in contact with, to be recognized, to make a difference. My contribution is to strengthen Knowledge in myself and extend it to others. My Teachers and other students of Knowledge are helping me to do this. My contribution is nothing grandiose. I am called upon to contribute my Knowledge, what I am learning about reclaiming Knowledge. This is the only True Purpose, this is constant, this is right, this is true. 

I need to understand what it means to bring Knowledge into the world. I need to redirect my imagination to serving Knowledge, not to feeding my own grandiose ideas. I need to perfect my vehicle so that Knowledge may express itself freely, quietly, and effectively. I don’t want to make a loud noise about this. I wish to act quietly but efficiently behind the scenes, helping to activate Knowledge in those ready to receive it.

June 27, 2015 Round Two: All very noble (I refer to what I wrote in my journal the first time), but what have I accomplished? Sometimes I feel I am becoming more distant from myself, rather than entering into a greater relationship with myself through Knowledge. Sometimes I feel very estranged. Sometimes I feel I am losing my mind. But perhaps this is part of the paradox? I need to lose my mind to reclaim it?
“Your desire to have your life become a vehicle of expression is your desire to have your life become unfettered by conflict and ambivalence.”
Conflict and ambivalence only exist in my mind, so losing my mind is a good thing.
“But remember always that your contribution gives of itself, and your desire to have it give of itself is your desire to give.”
All I have to do is let go of the reins and allow things to go as they will. It is not so much the desire to give that is important as the desire to have my contribution (my giving) give of itself. This makes things much easier.

P.S. As the day progressed I felt much more "with it." Sasha and I are working together in a good tandem. We went looking for mushrooms today (haha) and found many more wild strawberries, many more than the first time, but we are all "strawberried" out now, so discovering these places in the forest where strawberries are in greater abundance was rather a moot point. But we will know for next year. I am keeping uppermost in my mind the thought that I want this life (this country life) to continue on for as long as possible, for the duration, so to speak. I have what I always dreamed of - spending time in the forest looking for berries or mushrooms, or whatever, and walking home to my country house (not getting back in the car and driving all the way home to Moscow). It has been hot. We took a dip in the river on the way home. And when we got there we sprayed the potato plants with a special solution (all natural) against Colorado bugs and had a strawberry supper (natural yogurt, ice cream, fresh berries). So perfect!


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